Muli Child Seat

The muli child seat is just as flexible as the muli itself. Thanks to the ingenious hanging system the seat perfectly cushions road shocks and can be installed both in and against the direction of travel.
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The bicycle is mostly used for transporting small children through the city: to school in the morning, to the playing ground in the afternoon, or to a picnic in the park at the weekend.

With your Muli they can accompany you in a perfectly safe and comfortable way, for the Muli child seat is not a hard bench but a hanging seat from solid textile with a robust, cushioned backrest. Due to the hanger on two aluminium bars, which at the same time firmly fixate the entire aluminium basket, the seat cushions road shocks perfectly.

Two children find space in the seat and can ride along both in and against the direction of travel, so that they can either watch their parents or the surroundings. They are comfortably strapped with a three-point-belt each, which can be height-adjusted. The maximum capacity for the seat is 40kg.

Once the children have been dropped off, the seat is quickly disassembled, folded, and tucked into the basket, so that your bag fits into it, you can fold the basket, and you can carry on to work.

length 60
width 42 cm
height 11 cm
material high-strength, water-repellent fabric
belt type three-point seatbelt
number of seats 2
directions of travel applicable in and against driving direction