Larry vs Harry eBullitt

For business, for family, for all your errands - choose the eBullitt an electric cargo bike from those who know a thing a three about designed bikes to carry heavy loads.

The eBullitt is available for special order at Velorution, a Larry vs Harry UK dealer.

The Original Cargo Bike

Built to last

When Larry vs Harry released the original Bullitt bike in 2008, the bike industry quickly sat up and took notice. A cargo bike like nothing else around the time, the Bullitt was brilliant to ride, had fantastic load capacity and crucially had passed a whole list of safety criteria.

Fast forward to 2015 and Larry vs Harry released an electric version of the Bullitt. The eBullitt used Shimano's e-bike system, enabling the bike to take advantage of automatic electric gear shifting, reducing the load on the rider.

The Bullitt frame and components continue to be built and tested to the highest standards currently available within the bicycle industry. Likewise, all Larry vs Harry Original components and accessories have been specifically chosen or designed to cater for the demanded requirements of riding a bike with cargo onboard.



Load Capacity

5'4" - 6'5"

Fits a variety of riders


Weights from



Heavier Loads, Further, Faster

Powerful Shimano motors

The eBullitt can take a huge amount of cargo thanks to its onboard Shimano motor.

There are two motors available with the eBullitt: Shimano EP8 and Shimano EP6100.

Both motors make getting up to speed, zipping over hills or carrying heavy items easy.



Torque (EP8 motor)


Range (Eco mode)


Charged in 2 hours

3 Models to Choose From

Plus gearing and colours to suit you

At Velorution the Larry vs Harry's eBulllit electric cargo bike is available to order in three main formats.

The standard eBullitt can be fitted with Shimano's E6100 motor or the more powerful EP8 system. Meanwhile, the eBullitt-X has a longer cargo area making it the ideal choice for businesses looking for an e-cargo bike.

From there, you can choose a gearing setup that suits your riding demands, plus a frame colour that exudes you or your business's personality.




Gearing options



More powerful motor



Extra load capacity



Key eBullitt Accessories

Honeycomb Board

A non-slip base for the eBullitt cargo area. Made from aluminium lattice this is a great start pointing for every eBullitt build.

Twin Seat

Two bucket seats with five-point harnesses for extra safety. Can be used with a canopy to create a weatherproof environment for little riders.

Plastic Box

A simple box that fits the load area of the eBullitt perfectly. Strong, flexible and not exactly pricey, it's ideal for quick stowage.

Unique Frame Colours

Show your true personality with one of nine unique frame colours and designs.

From the punk-inspired nationalism of 'Bollocks' to the space-themed 'Moondog' or 'Major Tom' Larry Vs Harry do much more than just powder coat their frames in block colours.

For Family

Available in a variety of carrying configurations, the bullet will quickly become the transport of choice for your family. Plus, with its low centre of gravity and responsive steering, the bike is enjoyable for adults to ride too.

For Cargo

Cargo bikes should bring out your fun and spontaneous side and the eBullitt does just that. The simple front-loading bed is an adaptable cargo space. 

For Business

The eBullitt is the ideal mode of transport for city-based businesses. Get places faster, lower your emissions and have happy employees at the same time.

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