Moots were founded in 1981 and since 1991 have been solely focused on creating the finest titanium bikes available. To begin with, Moots were focused on mountain bikes, because that was the sort of riding they were doing. One of their first breakthroughs was the YBB system, which brought an inch of suspension, whilst weighing barely more than the rigid frame – the YBB Superlight even got a ride at the 1994 MTB World Champs.

Soon they began to look at skinny tyres and in 1996 they introduced the Psychlo X titanium cyclocross frame. One year later they expanded into stock geometry road bikes and introduced the Vamoots to the world. It was a classic geometry road bike that was super smooth compared to the steel road bikes of that era.

The next big hit was in 2010 when they completely revamped their road bike line and introduced the Vamoots RSL. The RSL differs from other frame because it’s made from butted tubing which significantly reduces the weight. The geometry is sharp and agile, and thanks to the oversize bottom bracket the RSL is the lightest and stiffest frame that Moots make. Then in 2015 Moots expanded the line again, changing the focus of the PsychloX towards gravel bikes and touring with the Routt and Routt 45.

Everything about Moots is focused on titanium bikes with their overall philosophy focusing on crafting ‘lifetime’ bikes. It doesn’t matter if your focus is road, dirt or both. Moots have you covered with a promise that a Moots cycle will not deaden, crack or otherwise degrade and they back it up with a lifetime warranty.

Moots have a range of accessories available including titanium seatposts, stems and spacers. We keep some of these items in stock although we are able to order pretty much anything.

If you would like to custom build your bespoke Moots, please call or email [email protected]