Chrome Industries Spectre Duffle

Expect the unexpected. Building a better duffle bag to get you and all your gear there and back again.
With the Modal Spectre duffle Chrome took a long look at not just the what of a duffle bag, but also the why and the where. Starting from the ground up, they added a sturdy 22oz tarpaulin bottom for extra structure and protection from the elements, double side compartments that will flex and adjust depending on what needs storing and a customisable crossbody carry strap that can change to suit your method of travel at a moment’s notice.

  • Weatherproof, coated top u-zipper
  • Large main compartment with interior org
  • Nylon-lined endcap compartment for wet gear
  • Expandable-side endcap compartment to accommodate varying amounts of gear
  • Side compression straps
  • Front quick access pocket

Height - 13.4"

Width - 21.65"

Width - 9.5"

Volume 48 Litre
Weight 3.13 lbs