10 Days Free Insurance for your Bike

With every new bike, we offer 10 days of free cover, provided by our insurance partner Velolife. It's been designed to provide you with adequate time to check your home and contents insurance to make sure the cover meets your needs. Many home policies have restrictions, limitations and very high excesses. These excesses could be as much as half the value of your bike.

Your 10-day free insurance includes:


Accidental Damage

Public Liability

The basic terms and conditions for activating the 10 days free insurance can be found below:

Have received your bike in the last 7 days

Be over 18 years old

Be a resident of the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands

Use the correct lock

Confirm that you have received your bike from Velorution and still have possession of the bike

Confirm that the bike is in good working order and has not been damaged in any way


I've bought a bike, what happens next?

Contained within your document wallet is your insurance activation card. The activation card confirms your insurance start date. Within 24 hours of purchase, your insurance documents will be emailed to you.

What lock do I need to meet the conditions of the insurance?

Velolife requires a bike to be locked with a Sold Secure lock appropriate to the value of the bike. To find a lock's specification please visit: www.soldsecure.com

  • Bicycle value under £1,000 requires a Bronze rated lock.
  • Bicycle value between £1,001 - £1,500 requires a Silver rated lock.
  • Bicycle value over £1,501 requires a Gold rated lock

Can I extend my Velolife cover?

Yes. Cover starts from just £5.69 a month. To retrieve a quote specific to your bike please visit www.velolife.co

I have another question about Velolife insurance

Please visit www.velolife.co, email: [email protected] or call: 01908 929230