Gazelle Ami HMS

Ready and waiting for you The Ami is like a good friend: always ready to help. You will feel secure and safe on the road on this all-rounder. Time to set off on another adventure together!
*Delivery 2-4 Weeks
  • 418 Wh Watt-hours
  • 11,6 Ah Amps
  • 125 km Eco range

  • Safety: always with both feet on the ground, low broad instep.
  • Confidence: modern look, contemporary design, battery range, powerful motor.
  • Optimal comfort: upright sitting position, the headset and the seat post can be adjusted, ergonomic handlebars and a gel seat.
  • Shimano Steps system
  • Choice of luxury accessories
Battery and range

How far you can cycle with electric pedal assistance depends largely on the type of battery. Our powerful robust Shimano Steps middle motor is ideal for the daily journey and long distances. With a torque of 50 Nm, it not only supports level, but also on hilly terrain. The Shimano Steps battery has a high range of up to 145 km, thus providing additional long cycling. Watch the battery table and associated range.

More Information
  Electrical parts
Motor: Shimano STEPS
Motor location: mid
Battery type: Li-ion
Display: Shimano Steps LCD
Motor: capaciteit 50 Nm
Maximum speed (km/h): 25 km/h
Motor capacity: 50 Nm
Battery location: integrated into carrier
Removable battery
Number of pedal assistance settings: 3
Display handlebar control: Y
Removable display: Y
Walk assist: Y
Gears and brakes
Type of gears: hub>
Number of gears: 8
Derailleur front: non applicable
Derailleur rear: non applicable
Frame and more
Frame description: Stable, lightweight aluminium frame with 68° headset angle and 70° saddle tube angle for an upright posture and comfortable steering behaviour. Featuring a very generously sized step-through
Luxury level: *****
Frame: aluminium
Weight (kg/Lbs): - excl. battery
Front fork: aluminium, springing in headset, lightweight
Handles: Ergon GP2, ergonomic
Saddle: Selle Royal Loire
Seat post: description Sprung
Chain case: type Plastic
Tyre colour: black
Rims: Ryde X-plorer 26""
Carrier: Gazelle Steps, aluminium
Slot: AXA Defender
Front light: Busch & Müller Upp Premium
Rear light: Gazelle X-Vision
Power source: battery

You can calculate the frame size of your bike a bit more accurately as follows:

Always take your inside leg measurement without your shoes on. You measure your inside leg by standing with your legs about 15 cm apart and measuring the distance from the floor to crotch height. If you multiply this measurement (in cm) by 0.68, it will give you the corresponding frame size.
Is the frame size between two sizes? If so, use the following rule: if the bike is for sports use, then choose the smaller of the two sizes. Is it a touring bike? If so, go for the larger frame size.
Do you have a bike with a suspension seatpost? If so, then subtract 4 cm from your frame size.

You can of course measure the frame size of your present bike. Do so by measuring the end of the seat tube to the centreline of the bottom bracket. Allow for the 4-centimetre correction quoted above with a suspension seatpost.

Body length         Frame size           Remark
less than 1.60m 46  
1.50m - 1.65m 49  
1.60m - 1.75m 53  
1.70m - 1.85m 54 lifestyle bikes only
1.70m - 1.85m 57  
larger than 1.85m 59 lifestyle bikes only
1.85m - 1.95m 61  
1.95m - 2.10m 65