June 2015

  1. Velorutionary - Saint-Hill Thompson

    Velorutionary - Saint-Hill Thompson

    What do you do for a living? I am currently involved in the finance/commodities world as negotiator. I am also a fashion designer and have bravely showed in Paris during Haute Couture Week. I am currently working on a few ideas and hope to make my way back towards making a big splash again after a realisation incubation […]

  2. Velorutionary - Helen Pinkerton

    Velorutionary - Helen Pinkerton

    What do you do for a living? I’m the PA to the Chief Executive of Grosvenor, a family property company that owns a large chunk of property in Mayfair and Belgravia. How long have you been a cyclist? I had a bike as a child, but as an adult I bought a Pashley back in […]

  3. Velorutionary - Sally Mackereth

    Velorutionary - Sally Mackereth

    I’m an architect with my own practice called Studio Mackereth. We recently designed and built our own office from some derelict former Victorian stable blocks. We specialise in high-end residential buildings, global luxury retail design, galleries and bespoke furniture. How long have you been a cyclist? I wouldn’t call myself a proper ‘cyclist’, but I […]

  4. Velorutionary - Sukhathai Chumbala

    Velorutionary - Sukhathai Chumbala

    What do you do for a living? I have a small property firm and run a small hotel in Phuket, Thailand. How long have you been cycling? Ever since I can remember. I got into biking very young and was into BMX when I was 10 years old. I also had a Raleigh Chopper, but […]

  5. Velorutionary - James Simpson

    Velorutionary - James Simpson

    What do you do for a living? I am Managing Director of Pol Roger Portfolio; the UK agents not only for Pol Roger Champagne (one of the very rare great champagne houses still in family hands) but also for a small number of top end family owned wine and spirits producers. How long have you […]

  6. Velorutionary - Natalie Morton

    Velorutionary - Natalie Morton

    What do you do for a living? I’m a News and Documentary filmmaker for the BBC, specialising in investigative journalism. For the last eighteen months I have been working in some of the World’s most toxic war zones – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. I’ve also travelled to Iran, Tajikistan and Belarus this year. How […]

  7. Velorutionary - Jools Walker

    Velorutionary - Jools Walker

    When did you start cycling? At 28 and after a ten-year absence from cycling, I decided to get back on the saddle and start again… There was a mix of reasons why I’d stopped cycling by the time I was 18; I wasn’t feeling that confident on the roads anymore, and I’d managed to convince […]

  8. Velorutionary - Arthur Dyjecinski

    Velorutionary - Arthur Dyjecinski

    What do you do? Many many things, some more interesting than others, but even then only interesting to me. I certainly don’t believe in free time. I try to occupy my time making something I enjoy doing better. So perhaps one day, I may actually be good at something. What bike are you riding? I […]

  9. Velorutionary - Renaud Thillaye

    Velorutionary - Renaud Thillaye

    What do you do? Think-tank researcher. How long have you been cycling? Since I was five or six I guess, but in London for two years. What bike are you riding now? Eastway FB 4.0, a hybrid. How many bikes have you owned? No more than three. One every 10 years. How often do you […]

  10. Velorutionary - Ian Hoyos

    Velorutionary - Ian Hoyos

    Tell us a little about yourself… I was born in London, but my family are from Colombia. I have 3 kids, and live in Brixton. I opened Champs Barbers in Fitzrovia after working for someone else for 15 years, and always felt that I could offer a better service. At Champs I provide our customers […]

  11. Velorutionary - Jo Wood

    Velorutionary - Jo Wood

    What do you do? Organic beauty product CEO, author, and I appear on television too. How long have you been cycling? Since I was seven. What is your earliest memory of cycling? My dad renovated an old bike for my seventh birthday. He used to renovate Lambretta scooters. I just loved that bike! What bike are […]

  12. Velorutionary - Kate Silverton

    Velorutionary - Kate Silverton

    What do you do? I’m a broadcast journalist. How long have you been cycling? Around ten years. I used to compete in triathlons and had a beautiful Pinnacle racing bike, but then I had to have a back operation and it put a stop to any running. But it did mean I started cycling even […]

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