July 2015

  1. Secure Green Bike Parking

    Secure Green Bike Parking

      In a world where domestic and civic design all too often delivers little more than idle affectation, the Front Yard Company’s PlantLock is a joy. A mind-bogglingly under-complicated invention, it simultaneously safeguards your bike, provides greenery and declutters the house. Moreover, it encourages the use of that great British waste of space known as […]

  2. All About Eva

    All About Eva

    Founded in 1998, Vienna-based accessory label Eva Blut stands for innovative and conceptual fashion and accessory design. The label embodies effortless chic by combining clever design solutions with high-end manufacturing techniques for the urban user of today. Its mastermind and founder Eva Buchleitner has been exploring the interaction between fashion and product design for the […]

  3. The FABIKE frame set

    The FABIKE frame set

    We caught up with Fabio Putzolu, founder and chief designer of FABIKE Tell us something about the design of your frame set? We wanted to create something different. We started with a road bike logic and stripped away any unnecessary frills from the shape and details of the frame, all the way down to branding […]

  4. Three Wheels Good. Four Wheels Bad.

    Three Wheels Good. Four Wheels Bad.

      EU data has proven that if only 10% of car drivers cycled instead, then traffic congestion could be reduced by up to 40% for all road users in general. Another figure has mentioned that if that 10% could rise to 25% then congestion would become a thing of the past altogether. This in turn […]

  5. That Little Bit of Momentum

    That Little Bit of Momentum

    Momentum Electric is brand born out of both passion and practicality, creating electric bikes that adhere to its five core values: simple, efficient, value, improve and joy. We passionately believe that the electric bicycle is a practical way of getting around and should be as accessible as possible,” says Momentum Electric’s Andreas Törpsch, who is […]

  6. The Perfect Blend. An Interview with Lezyne Founder Micki Kozuschek

    The Perfect Blend. An Interview with Lezyne Founder Micki Kozuschek

    “I’m a crazy German guy who has no college education or any engineering experience, and I was never a salesperson. I have learned everything by being hands on…” Who are you, and how did you get started in the bicycle business?”I’m 47 years old, born in Poland, then raised and educated in Germany. When I […]

  7. Jean Genius

    Jean Genius

    Levi’s Commuter jeans are designed to take the urban worker from their morning ride, through the workday and into evening. Levi’s Account Specialist Phil Brown talks us through the cut of his cloth, and what makes Levi’s a perfect fit for the cyclist… Performance, functionality and safety – three words you might normally see applied […]

  8. L'année du Pannier

    L'année du Pannier

    A Q&A with Hill & Ellis founder Catherine Ellis, who discusses the inspiration behind her beautiful leather pannier bags, aimed at cyclists seeking stylishness and practicality Hill & Ellis launched in 2012 amid London Olympics’ fever, when the public’s recognition of cycling as an exciting sport – not just a means of commuting – was […]

  9. Down in the Hood

    Down in the Hood

    US made rain capes for people in liveable cities. Where did the idea for Cleverhood come from? Founder Susan Mocarski was inspired during a family trip to Copenhagen. They were planning to use bikes, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Many people were using umbrellas on their bikes, but the Mocarski family opted for plastic covers. […]

  10. Foffa


    This is the ‘One’. Dani Foffa, supplier of classic style single speed and geared bikes, shares his passion for his products and describes their perfect suitability for the urban environment… Pursuing our passions is something each of us craves, and Dani Foffa’s story is more inspirational than most. In 2007 he swapped a job in […]

  11. Moulton


    Words by DAN FARRELL. When Alex Moulton launched his revolutionary small-wheeled, full-suspension bicycle at the Earls Court Cycle And Motor Cycle Show in 1962, he was very excited by the reaction of the public to his creation. David Duffield, then Moulton’s marketing manager, later commented that “we had to beat them off with sticks, such […]

  12. Retro Cool

    Retro Cool

    German bike manufacturer Retrovelo specialises in one-of-a-kind commuter and leisure bikes that combine quality with beauty, and a return to true ‘retro’ values… “We would be very happy if you were to love your Retrovelo cycle.” As a small manufacturer based in Leipzig, Germany, Retrovelo says that it’s not looking to pander to the mass […]

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