September 2015

  1. Electric Bike Review - Biomega NYC Di2

    Electric Bike Review - Biomega NYC Di2

    This is not an electric bike. So what’s it doing here? Well, the Biomega NYC 8 speed incorporates a feature that is rarely seen on electric bikes – electronic gearing. We thought we’d take a look… (there is another reason for looking at the Biomega, but you’ll have to read on til the end to […]

  2. A chat with Dennis Leedom from Bern Unlimited

    A chat with Dennis Leedom from Bern Unlimited

    ‘Our goal is to make it cool to wear a helmet’. You don’t have to sacrifice style when you wear one, says Dennis Leedom, of helmet maker Bern Unlimited.

  3. Modern Legends

    Modern Legends

    The Moulton Bicycle was a real innovation when it was first launched in the Sixties. Compact, speedy and with a style all its own, it’s still a hit 50 years on Words Gretta Cole, Main photographs Joanna Dudderidge Joanna and I had the opportunity to visit Moulton HQ, so we jumped in the car with our […]

  4. Sport, Commute, Explore & Fold

    Sport, Commute, Explore & Fold

    The Joey adapts to various terrains. Whether you’re riding city streets or country trails, it’s a pleasure to ride – and it folds down into a dedicated traveller case Photography Joanna Dudderidge Airnimal was founded on the desire to be able to easily transport a first-class bike anywhere you might want to use it. Whether that […]

  5. Helios Tandems

    Helios Tandems

    A tandem is a great choice if you want to share your ride with your family. The Helios adapts to you whatever your shape and size, and it’s easily transportable Photography Joanna Dudderidge With the Helios, we wanted to design a bike that would handle and perform at the highest level, easily fit a range of […]

  6. Twist & Fold

    Twist & Fold

    Velorution meets the man behind the Strida, the smart folding bike for the discernible commuter, and discovers Mark Sanders is a visionary engineer who ignored career advice to design toasters… Interview Jack Cuthbert & Joanna Dudderidge, Portrait Joanna Dudderidge A folding bicycle is a fantastic solution for a commuter who takes the train to work, and […]

  7. Colourful, Cool and Comfortable

    Colourful, Cool and Comfortable

    Brooks is full of bright ideas. And as well as its famous range of leather goods, it has a new saddle that promises maximum comfort and performance straight out of the box – with no wearing-in period. Meet the Cambium… It’s reputed to be the oldest existing bicycle-related The Brooks Cambium range is made from […]

  8. Made in Britain

    Made in Britain

    Updated 23/06/2020 Pashley is a British institution, based in Stratford-upon-avon, producing bikes using the skills of local workers and resisting the rush to outsource production to the far east. Velorution visits the factory to find out how the company has stayed true to its roots On arrival at the Pashley factory, a modest building, sunbathing […]

  9. The Head Turner

    The Head Turner

    Rizoma’s Metropolitan 77|011 boasts breathtaking Italian style that will stop you in your tracks At Velorution we pride ourselves on the amazing range of bicycles we source from all around the globe. We aim to stock the very best of the market, and the Italian-made Rizoma Metropolitan 77|011 is no exception. Its intriguing design – […]

  10. Simply Safer

    Simply Safer

    Designer Anirudha Surahbi’s Kranium liner is a brilliant innovation. It’s strong, flexible, and offers unrivalled protection to your head if you’re unlucky enough to come off your bike. You hope that the helmet you wear will protect you in the a crash. But safety has been slow to progress – until now. After three years […]

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