August 2016

  1. Velorutionary - Lydia Thompson

    Velorutionary - Lydia Thompson
    What do you do for a living? I’m a Beauty Editor for LOOK magazine. What are you passionate about? At the moment work, how sad! But I’ve just started a new job and I’m putting everything in to it. In my downtime I love to travel, I try to travel to at least three new places a year, greedy right...
  2. Arcc innovations

    Arcc innovations
    The ARCC e2-pod power system has been designed by ARCC Innovations to provide unique intelligent bike power. It combines variable power levels with automatic hill/ gradient compensation and launch control. I’ve been riding a bicycle around London for over thirty years from Highgate to Forest Hill. The ARCC e2-Pod Power System has given me an extra set of muscles and...
  3. Velorutionary - Arlene Leis

    Velorutionary - Arlene Leis
    What do you do for a living? I’m a freelance Art Historian, but I have my fingers in some other projects too. What are you passionate about? My research. I’ve recently developed my doctoral thesis into a first draft manuscript. It focuses on a massive collection of ephemera (admission tickets, playbills, trade cards, political caricatures and satires, visitor cards, newspaper...
  4. Electric Assist Bicycles

    Electric Assist Bicycles
    Part of the joy of cycling is the exercise you get whilst having the freedom of movement that public transport and cars do not offer, however on a sunny day it can be pretty hot & sweaty and hills can be a challenge especially after a long day. Enter the electric assist bicycle, which gives your muscles more power when...

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