Brompton is a leader in folding electric bikes. Their folding e-bikes recipe includes a compact fold, low overall weight and an innovative motor and battery system. 

Here, we run through everything we could think of regarding the Brompton Electric C Line - the London brand's most popular folding electric bike. From the basics to exact details about the onboard electric system and everything in between, we hope this article is helpful if you're considering a Brompton electric bike.

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Brompton C Line Electric - The Basics

1. How much does a Brompton Electric C Line bike cost?

In 2023 the Brompton C Line Electric starts from £2,800 (£2,995 for the Explore model) and rises to £3,200 when choosing one of two premium paint finishes, Flame Lacquer and Black Lacquer.

To make the Brompton Electric C Line an easier or more affordable purchase we offer a number of cycle to work schemes as well as 0% finance.

2. What does C Line mean?

C Line is shorthand for 'Classic' Line. It refers to the fact that the frames of C Line bikes, both electric and non-electric, are made from steel - the material Brompton is known for. Before updating the way they named products in 2021, Brompton simply referred to their electric bikes as Brompton Electric.

A curly 'C', not a kicking 'k'. Image: Velorution

3. What's the difference between C Line Electric and P Line Electric?

As you'll have discovered already the frame of a C Line Electric is made solely from steel. P Line or 'Performance' Line is the moniker Brompton give to bikes which have manufactured with a fork and rear frame made from titanium. This part titanium structure shaves 1.8kg off the total weight of a Brompton C Line Electric Explore (17.4kg) giving the P Line a figure of 15.8kg.

The blue Brompton Electric logo is a giveaway sign that this bike is an Electric C Line. Image: Velorution

Two frame colours (Midnight Black and Storm Grey) are also unique to P Line Electric as are a number of components including the saddle and grips. A further distinguishing feature you can use to determine the difference between a C Line Electric and a P Line Electric is the colour of the logo on the battery bag. On C Line Electric it's blue, on P Line it's grey.

4. What is the folded size of a Brompton Electric C Line?

Folding is the Brompton's party piece and no other e-bike comes close to matching its size. When folded it measures 64.5cm high, 56.5cm long and 27cm wide.

With the rear wheel tucked underneath and the handlebars plopped down, there's no doubt the Brompton is best in class for folding electric bikes. Image: Velorution

Bear in mind that the figure quoted above is with the battery pack removed - a small detail, but one that might be crucial if you're looking at storing the bike in a minute space.

5. How heavy is Brompton C Line Electric?

A Brompton C Line Urban (2 gears) weighs 16.6kg. The Brompton C Line Explore (6 gears) weighs 17.4kg. When removed the battery bag tips the scales at 2.9kg.

6. When folded, how should the Brompton C Line Electric be carried?

Cleverly Brompton has included an ergonomic fitting on the nose of the saddle, so when folded and the battery pack removed, the bike can easily be hoisted and carried using the saddle. Just be sure to fully depress the bike's seatpost as this is the mechanism which locks the bike together.

7. Is Brompton C Line Electric sold with a warranty?

There are two numbers to be aware of when it comes to the warranty of a Brompton C Line e-bike. The first is a frame warranty of 7 years when registered with Brompton. The second is an electric system warranty of 3 years.

Configuration of the Brompton Electric C Line

8. Is the Brompton C Line Electric available in different sizes?

No. All Brompton bikes, including the C Line Electric, are sold in one frame size. Different seatpost and handlebars are available, but all told the C Line Electric will be a good fit for riders between 140cm to 203cm (4’7 to 6’8). The various seatposts and associated inside leg measurements can be found below:

  • Standard seatpost: 66-83cm (26 inches – 33 inches)
  • Extended seatpost: 66-89cm (26 inches – 35 inches)
  • Telescopic seatpost: 66-99cm (26 inches – 39 inches)

9. Which frame colours are the Brompton C Line Electric sold in?

In 2023, you can choose from 8 different frame colours for Electric C Line. For ease, we've listed them below. Do note that this is the colour of the main frame only. The extremities (rear triangle and fork) for all the bikes listed below are black.

  • Black
  • Black Lacquer
  • Cloud Blue
  • Fire Coral
  • Flame Lacquer
  • House Red
  • Matcha Green
  • Racing Green
This frame colour is Matcha Green. It was released for bikes made in late 2022 onwards. Cheers to that! Image: Velorution

10. Is a 6-speed Brompton C Line Electric enough?

Brompton Electric C Line is available in an Explore format (6 gears) and an Urban configuration (2 gears). In our experience, a 6-speed version with the bike's electric assist offers plenty of 'riding range' - in dry-as-you-like cycling speak that's enough gears to get over hills and pedal down them too.

11. Which handlebar is best for the Brompton C Line Electric?

Every Brompton Electric C Line that leaves the Brompton Factory is sold with either a 'Mid' handlebar or a 'High' Handlebar. Most riders will find that the Mid handlebar, with its slight rise, provides a comfortable riding position. Are you a taller rider? Perhaps one who needs a telescopic seatpost? Then a High handlebar will allow you to adopt a comfortable position.

Brompton C Line Electric Motor and Battery

12. Where is the motor on a Brompton C Line Electric?

Good question! Unlike some electric bikes, locating the motor on a Brompton electric bike is difficult. But hiding in the hub of the front wheel of a Brompton Electric is a unit that's unique to Brompton.

The outline of a Brompton is certainly very distinctive. Spot the motor in the front wheel hub, directly underneath the battery which powers it. Image: Velorution

Explaining electric bike motors can be tricky, but effectively what we have here is a 250W Brushless (a motor type that is extremely long-lasting and won't require maintenance) DC motor providing assistance up to 15.5mph or 25.5kph. The unit was developed in conjunction with Williams, the British motorsport engineering firm known for its success in Formula 1.

13. What size is the motor on a Brompton C Line Electric?

250W. To meet legal requirements for riding on public roads in the UK, an electric bike must not deliver more than 250W of power continuously when powered by the pedalling action of a rider. The exact EAPC (electrically assisted powered cycle) details are available on the government's website.

14. Where is the battery on a Brompton C Line Electric?

Clipped to the front of the bike via a strong latch, the Brompton electric battery looks somewhat like a small bag. That's because it is! Once removed the battery, with its accompanying shoulder strap can be thrown over a shoulder.

15. What's Brompton C Line Electric's battery size? 

Electric bike batteries are measured by Watt Hours or Wh for shorthand. This figure is the amount of power the battery can dispense to the motor in one hour. The battery on a Brompton Electric is rated at 300Wh. Whilst this figure is quite low, fitting a larger battery would mean that the battery would be heavier. The battery level is displayed using a simple 5-light system, with more lights on indicating a high battery.

16. How many riding modes are there on a Brompton C Line Electric?

There are four riding modes on a Brompton Electric. They're adjusted using the buttons on the top of the battery pack.

Riding ModeDescription
0No assistance. The bike is pedalled without the motor providing any assistance.
1The lowest assist level. A gentle helping hand for leaving traffic lights or scaling small hills.
2Brompton's recommended setting. Perfect for most riding situations you'll encounter.
3Maximum power. Provides noticeable assistance in every scenario. Humdrum city backroads, busy intersections or hill residential suburbs, this mode deals with them all.
A table explaining the difference between the four riding modes available on a Brompton Electric bike.

Cue Brompton and a rather helpful video for you to digest.

17. How long does a Brompton C Line Electric battery take to charge?

With the standard charger, a Brompton battery will be recharged from 0% to 100% in around 4 hours. If time is of the essence, a Brompton Fast Charger can be purchased. This will reduce the charge time to just 2 hours. Follow a few simple pointers to get the most out of your Brompton e-bike battery in the long run.

It's worth noting that, unlike the standard Brompton charger, the Brompton Fast Charger doesn't fit in the front pocket of the Brompton City Essentials bag.

Riding and Living With a Brompton C Line Electric

18. How fast does the Brompton C Line Electric go?

A two-fold (a thank you!) question. Because the Brompton Electric C Line meets the EAPC criteria in the UK, it will provide assistance when pedalling up to a speed of 15.5mph. Pedal like billyoh or zoom down a hill at speeds higher than that and the motor will no longer provide assistance.

19. How far can you ride on a Brompton C Line Electric?

The riding range of a Brompton is a question many of our customer pose. It's an important question, especially if you're relying on your bike for daily trips to and from work or as your sole mode of transport. Brompton themselves quote a range of between 20 and 45 miles. Using the maximum assistance mode frequently is the quickest way to use up battery power.

Brompton Electric in its natural habit. Image: Velorution

Other factors like rider (plus luggage) weight, terrain and speed will vary how far you can ride before the battery reaches 0. For more on this topic read: Electric bike range anxiety. 8 tips to put your mind at ease.

20. Can I ride a Brompton C Line Electric in the rain?

Yes a Brompton Electric C Line can be ridden in the rain. The Brompton motor, battery, associated wires, and connectors are sealed to prevent water ingress. This prevents any hazard to the rider nor any impact on the durability or performance of the bike itself.

Mudguards on a Brompton Electric, a sign that the bike can (and should!) be ridden in the rain! Image: Velorution

21. Does the Brompton C Line Electric work without a battery? 

Yes, Brompton Electric bikes like all e-bikes can be ridden without a battery.

22. What bag options are available with the Brompton C Line Electric?

Up until recently, there were only two bag options that met the distinct requirements of a Brompton Electric bike. Each bag carried the battery and ensured a clear, clean connection with the wiring that took power to the motor. The first was the Essentials Bag, a small item that had 1.5L of additional storage besides the battery. This is the bag that is sold as standard with every Brompton electric bike.

The second bag was the City bag. A much larger option - 20L in fact. Pleasingly there is now a third option for Brompton Electric owners - the Basket Bag. It's a simple bag based on Brompton's best-selling bag for their non-electric bikes.

23. How do the lights work on the Brompton C Line Electric? 

The integrated lights on a Brompton Electric C Line are operated by a button located on the top of the battery. There are three modes. 'On', 'Off' and 'Auto' where the lights turn on when darkness is detected.

The front light on a Brompton Electric C Line sits above the front mudguard and below the battery pack/bag. Image: Velorution

24. What should the tyre pressure be on a Brompton C Line Electric?

Tyre pressure, like a cup of tea, is a personal thing! But when it comes to tyre pressure on a Brompton Electric C Line it's important to get it right. This will ensure not only a comfortable ride but also prevent punctures. It will also make the most of battery life.

As well as your weight and preference, the exact tyre pressure is determined by the make and model of the tyre - for most Brompton Electric bikes this is the Schwalbe Marathon Racer which has a recommended pressure of between 60 and 105 PSI. And remember a harder tyre isn't always the fastest!

25. How should Brompton C Line Electric be serviced?

Brompton recommends the following. A check-up in the first month or 100 miles, whichever is sooner. Plus a yearly service. If your bike is ridden plenty or often in inclement weather extra servicing is recommended. Velorution is happy to service any Brompton Electric bike. This includes performing any diagnostics or updates to the electric system.

26. Can I take a Brompton C Line Electric on a plane?

The Civil Aviation Authority in the UK, in conjunction with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), set limits on what can be taken on a flight. Restrictions on batteries mean that anything over 160Wh can't be taken as hand luggage or stowed in the hold. Because the Brompton Electric C Line battery is 300Wh it's not allowed onboard an aircraft.

27. Are there Brompton C Line Electric owners manuals?

There are. If you'd like to peruse one or if you've misplaced yours, head to this page.

That's everything we can think of regarding the Brompton Electric C Line folding e-bike. Come and give one a whirl with a test ride at a Velorution store.

If there's one question we didn't answer, pop it in the comments below and we'll answer when we can!