The home of keyboard warriors and scurrilous opinions or a place for concise opinions and instant reactions. Whatever your opinion of the social media platform Twitter, in the realm of city cycling there are dozens of profiles that provide useful, interesting or thought-provoking musings, images and videos. We've condensed the list into 7 of our favourites.

1. London Cycles @London_Cycles

We're starting close to home with an account that celebrates cycling in our home, London. London Cycles states their account is, "to celebrate and promote the thousands of cycle journeys already happening across London every day." We'll never tire of seeing simply shot videos of cyclists streaming across junctions, through traffic lights and along one of the capital's segregated cycle lanes.

2. Tern Bicycles @ternbicycles

Next up, it's Tern, the manufacturer of folding and electric bikes. They demonstrate how bikes can be more than a tool to get from A to B - they're a tool for businesses, transport for schools and a means to complete the weekly shop. All in all the account shows how, with a bit of thought, bikes can carry all manner of things. Give 'em a follow, and if you already own a Tern, better still, join the Tern Riders Community.

3. Adam Tranter @adamtranter

Adam Tranter is, perhaps, the doyen of cycling infrastructure and active travel in the UK. After founding a media agency, Adam went on to become Coventry's first cycling mayor before taking the role of West Midlands Walking and Cycling commissioner. Adam shares a wealth of relevant articles, insightful pictures and videos and musings on how he intends to tackle the barriers which prevent more people from cycling.

4. Melissa and Chris Bruntlett @modacitylife

Over to the city cycling mecca of Netherlands now and two Canadians, Melissa and Chris Bruntlett. With days jobs in cycling, Melissa and Chris certainly have their fingers on the pulse. The account gushes with hard-hitting facts and clear opinions with the odd retweet thrown in for good measure. The couple f co-authored two books on urban mobility advocacy and whilst we can't claim to have read them, they're certainly on our wishlist!

5. Eben Weiss @bikesnobnyc

For bike riders of any kind, a good sit down with a copy of Eben's, Bike snob: systematically & mercilessly realigning the world of cycling is pretty much a right of passage. Despite the explainable US bias, this account is one of our favourites. Witty, hard to argue with and ultimately just jolly good fun. Follow.

6. Danny Williams @citycyclists

With his Twitter handle, you can guess what Danny's going to be posting. Historically Danny worked in finance but his Twitter account and accompanying (now offline) blog was a must-read when it came to travel issues, particularly in London. These days Danny has a very important job as CEO of the public body, Active Travel England.

7. Marco te Brömmelstroet @fietsprofessor

Back to the Netherlands for our final city cycling Twitter account. Fiets or bicycle professor has numerous contributors but its main one is Marco te Brömmelstroet. The account offers an intellectual approach to cycling with more enviable content from the continent. Further reading can be found with Marco's relatively recently released book, Movement: how to take back our streets and transform our lives, co-authored with Thalia Verkade.

That's seven of our favourite urban cycling accounts to follow on Twitter. Who do we miss? Who should we be following? Let us know in the comments below.