The ARCC e2-pod power system has been designed by ARCC Innovations to provide unique intelligent bike power. It combines variable power levels with automatic hill/ gradient compensation and launch control.

I’ve been riding a bicycle around London for over thirty years from Highgate to Forest Hill. The ARCC e2-Pod Power System has given me an extra set of muscles and power in my legs – or that’s how it feels. The power comes on very smoothly just when I need it up hills and on starting, but not in excess. When I take the pressure off the pedals, the electric motor goes into neutral. My brakes work just as they would on my non-powered bike.

It’s very easy to attach the battery pack and, more importantly, to detach it quickly when transporting the bike. I carry a spare battery for extra distance, but around London that’s hardly necessary. The powerful 36V 4.0 Ah Bosch battery is easy and fast to charge. The front-carried battery pack and hub motor are almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

Cycling and keeping up with very energetic fit bikers – who are working very hard to keep up with me – is a joy, and very amusing as they can’t work out how I keep up the energy, as I cruise by them going up hills! I’ve tried the bike on some steep London gradients and it changes a big sweat into a very light pleasant body heat. You do get a bit of proper exercise, unlike some electric bikes, but you get a lot more immediate payback for your effort.

Apart from the slight extra weight, which you hardly notice, and extra wires here and there that don’t interfere with my bike at all, there is no downside to this product.

ARCC’s latest innovation is the remote control on the handlebars to vary power and effort ratio, which is now run by Bluetooth to the control panel on the battery and hub motor. It’s very smooth, switching from one power level to another, except for a tiny half-second lag. It’s very easy to see and operate.

I’ve ridden motorbikes and bicycles around London for many years, and I think this is the ideal solution. Power when you need it combined with an efficient well-engineered bike. Perfect!

Thomas Teicman for Velorution magazine only 20.05.2016

Archived from Velorution Magazine Issue 4