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  1. Colourbolt x Moulton collaboration: Moulton XBlack

    Colourbolt x Moulton collaboration: Moulton XBlack
    A few words by Colourbolt:   "A collaboration with Moulton, the X-Black is a glorious concoction of their inimitable frame design and our unmistakeable aesthetic. The X-Black is no normal ColourBolt, but rather a collaboration project with our friends at beloved British builder, Moulton Bicycles. Produced in partnership, using one of their iconic X frames as the basis, but with plenty of...
  2. Velorution Crowdfunding Launch with Seedrs

    Velorution Crowdfunding Launch with Seedrs
    On Thursday 29th November we launched our crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs and opened up to the public. Velorution is one of London’s leading electric and urban cycling retailers. We aim to bring the most innovative electric and urban cycling products to our customers, the Velorutionaries. Since our crowdfunding in 2016, we have opened 3 permanent stores and have already turned...
  3. Today on the Deck series

    Today on the Deck series
    TODAY ON THE DECK EVENT SERIES Brompton Electric Test Ride on Thursday 19th July Hydro Flask and Velorution Electric Pelago Bicycle and TAPPED Birch water drink on Thursday 26th July
  4. Velorutionaries - Stephen Kamlish QC

    Velorutionaries - Stephen Kamlish QC
    Updated: 23/06/2020 Stephen Kamlish QC - Lynksey Custom Build What do you do for a living? For 38 years I have worked as a barrister in criminal defence and although it's often gruelling I will probably keep doing it until I drop. To say one meets interesting people in my work is an understatement. In particular, alleged murderers and terrorists...
  5. Velorutionaries - Christine Curtis

    Velorutionaries - Christine Curtis
    Christine Curtis - Gazelle Orange C7 HMB What do you do for a living? I have been enjoying my retirement for 10 years. Previously I was a carer for an elderly friend and before that I did clerical work. What are you passionate about? I have always been really sporty participating in lots of active team games like rounders, tennis...
  6. Velorutionaries - Lawrie Curtis

    Velorutionaries - Lawrie Curtis
    Lawrie Curtis - Kalkhoff Agattu Excite B8 What do you do for a living? I have been retired for some 7 years - how time flies! I worked as a self-employed sales agent selling DIY products to independent retailers and wholesale outlets in London through to East Anglia. One advantage was that I drove through wonderful countryside and villages; the...
  7. Velorutionaries - Darren Rudkin

    Velorutionaries - Darren Rudkin
    Darren Rudkin - Pelago Bristol What do you do for a living? I work for a small leadership training company that supports international clients in developing more conscious and purposeful leaders. What are you passionate about? Food, film, sport, what makes people tick, beauty and what lies under the surface. How long have you been a cyclist? My mum used...
  8. Velorutionaries - Edward Lethbridge

    Velorutionaries - Edward Lethbridge
    Edward Lethbridge - Schindelhauer Ludwig What do you do for a living? I work in mergers and acquisitions - advising on buying and selling businesses. In the last twelve months we have sold over one hundred companies around the world. 2018 was a big year for our London office as we celebrated our 10th anniversary and a record year. What...
  9. Velorutionaries - Jill and David Orbuch

    Velorutionaries - Jill and David Orbuch
    Jill and David Orbuch - Brompton What do you do for a living? We arrived in London over a year ago for David’s work supporting the NHS transition to integrated care. We both quickly realised we needed a bike to see this amazing city. What are you both passionate about? We are passionate about our family, especially our three daughters...
  10. Velorutionaries - Sebastian Rokeberg

    Velorutionaries - Sebastian Rokeberg
    Sebastian Rokeberg - Schindelhauer Ludwig What do you do for a living? I am currently finishing my masters degree in vehicle design at the Royal College of Art. My main area of work revolves around interior vehicle design and how we might encounter the much talked about level five autonomy, from a interior point of view. s er this summer...
  11. Velorutionaries - Danielle Ogden

    Velorutionaries - Danielle Ogden
    Danielle Ogden - Trek Lexa What do you do for a living? I’m a School Administrator in a London Prep school but I’ve also trained as a yoga teacher and am currently training to be a Cranial-Sacral Therapist. What are you passionate about? I love to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to live in a few different countries and travel...
  12. Velorutionaries - Jean-Jacques Lorraine

    Velorutionaries - Jean-Jacques Lorraine
    Jean-Jacques Lorraine - Schindehlauer Friedrich What do you do for a living? Director at Morrow + Lorraine Architects. My occupation is Architect but what I do for a living is help realise people’s aspirations through design. Architects are fundamentally problem solvers – sometimes that requires us to work out if there is a problem, define what it is and get...

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