Velorution Pop Up with lululemon

  1. Brompton Ride to London Fields

    Brompton Ride to London Fields
    Cycling and Yoga is the perfect combination? We hosted a fun ride with Brompton Bicycle to London Fields Park, as part of our Velorution Pop Up month with lululemon Marylebone. Good for both mind and body the Velorution x Brompton group ride took a relaxed route from West to East London, passing by our Islington and Hackney stores. The ride...
  2. Cycling Focused Yoga

    Cycling Focused Yoga
    As part of the Velorution Pop Up in lululemon Marylebone, we hosted a yoga class in the middle of the space surrounded by our amazing bicycles. Yoga instructor and lululemon ambassador Kirsty Gallagher gave a cycling focused yoga class to those needing a deeper stretch.
  3. Swifty Scooters & Marylebone Fayre

    Swifty Scooters & Marylebone Fayre
    As part of the Velorution Pop Up in lululemon Marylebone, we hosted a Swifty Scooter day as well as being part of the Marylebone Fayre on the 16th and 17th June. Children and adults had a go on the Swifty Scooters as founders Jason and Camilla Iftakhar joined us for a Saturday scoot. Their daughter Ida who helped design the Swifty...
  4. Whisky Tasting with Cadenheads

    Whisky Tasting with Cadenheads
    We took a trip around Scotland with Cadenhead’s Whisky Tasting Room as part of the Velorution Pop Up in lululemon Marylebone on Thursday 14th June. Whisky tasting surrounded by bikes seems like a lot of fun in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of cycling in London. Why not? Cadenhead’s offer the best and most varied tasting sessions in London. Pierre...
  5. Meet the Makers

    Meet the Makers
    Panel discussion and showcase on Wednesday 13th June as part of the Velorution Pop Up in  lululemon Marylebone. This event featured a lively discussion about our changing culture, product design for a sustainable future with inspirational panelists Julius Wiedemann, Executive Editor for Design and Pop Culture at TASCHEN, Eleanor Sherwen, Development Engineer at Brompton Electric and Brompton Bicycle, Mark Sanders...
  6. Tea Blending Class with Teapigs

    Tea Blending Class with Teapigs
    Tuesday 12th June as part of the Velorution Pop Up in lululemon Marylebone. The experts from Teapigs taught us how to blend the perfect combination of flavours to create your very own tea! Starting with a brief history of tea then tea tasting Teapigs top 10 flavours, learning how to slurp and what to look out for when tasting teas at home. We created...
  7. Clean Air Now

    Clean Air Now
    On Monday 11th June as part of the Velorution Pop Up in lululemon Marylebone, we were joined by Vasilisa Forbes campaigner for Clean Air Now and Wendover Brown from leading San Francisco based Vogmask, for a talk led by artist James Straffon. Clean Air Now is campaigning for greater transparency and awareness of London's illegal levels of pollution through billboards, editorials...
  8. Celebrating the Queen's Birthday with Pashley Bicycles

    Celebrating the Queen's Birthday with Pashley Bicycles
    Celebrate our Queen’s 92nd birthday with Pashley Bicycles. Pashley have been hand-building high-quality bicycles and tricycles since 1926, the same year the Queen was born, hence they are celebrating the same birthday! Come and view an array of Pashley bicycles including the Britannia, Princess Sovereign, Guv’nor and many more. Take a test ride around the block and find out why Pashley bikes...
  9. Ladies Chapter: A Matter of Business

    Ladies Chapter: A Matter of Business
    06.06.2018Ladies Chapter:A Matter of Business - Velorution x Lululemon Pop Up(c) Gretel Ensignia07783620234gretel_ensignia@hotmail.comFOR THE USE OF VELORUTION ONLY Velorution presented a women-led brand showcase as part of the Velorution Pop Up in  lululemon Marylebone, sponsored by Electra Bicycles. Leading ladies discuss their own journeys as well as insights into their business success in the sphere of beauty, design and...
  10. World Environment Day

    World Environment Day
    This World Environment Day, UN Environment is calling on citizens, companies and civil society groups to get out and organize cleanups in their communities. A few facts: 1 million plastic bottles bought every minute 13 million tonnes of plastic leak into the ocean each year Eliminating single-use plastics, both from design chains to our consumer habits is a critical first...
  11. Opening Brunch at Velorution Pop Up with lululemon

    Opening Brunch at Velorution Pop Up with lululemon
    Welcoming customers to the new Velorution Bicycle pop up space at lululemon Marylebone with an Opening Brunch sponsored by Schindelhauer. Discover more about Velorution cycling: we have the largest selection of folding bikes, classic British-made cycles, design-led European urban bikes, and premium scooters in the UK. Velorution is about premium quality product at affordable prices. At Velorution we have curated these brands into a unique collection...
  12. Velorution x lululemon Pop Up

    Velorution x lululemon Pop Up
    Velorution is launching a collaboration with lululemon Marylebone between the 2nd June and the 1st July. The lululemon Marylebone store will host a range of exclusive Velorution Lifestyle events, specially curated to include a line-up of creative workshops, tasting evenings and entrepreneurial speakers. The Velorution ‘The Pop Up’ will also include a mini Velorution store situated on the mezzanine level, showcasing...

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