Brooks is full of bright ideas. And as well as its famous range of leather goods, it has a new saddle that promises maximum comfort and performance straight out of the box – with no wearing-in period. Meet the Cambium...

It’s reputed to be the oldest existing bicycle-related The Brooks Cambium range is made from vulcanised natural manufacturing company in the world. According to legend, in 1865 a young John Boultbee Brooks, harness-maker and general leather worker, bought a Michaux ‘Velocipede’ to replace his deceased horse so that he could travel to his father’s works in Birmingham. Bruised by the unyielding wooden saddle, he looked at his horse- riding saddle, had an idea, and the first Brooks leather saddle was born. Within a year he had opened the Criterion Works in Great Charles Street, where Brooks was to remain for almost 100 years.

The comfort of Brooks leather saddles is legendary, however there is a ‘breaking-in’ period, usually of around 500 miles or so. Not anymore – the latest addition to Brooks range is the Cambium Saddle that “works like a hammock, delivering immediate comfort while absorbing road vibration and shock.”

The Brooks Cambium range is made from vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton canvas, enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience and legendary Brooks longevity. The flexible, waterproof top is designed to follow the rider’s movements to deliver immediate comfort and ease of use. The construction absorbs vibration and shock, delivering performance traditionally only found with natural leather saddles.

The Cambium owes its natural look and feel to the woven organic cotton textile, which fits the rubber top like a soft skin. The cotton surface is treated with Brooks Numac to completely protect the saddle against the elements. Cambium Saddles are designed to be ready for use out of the box – they don’t require any initial care or ongoing maintenance. And the saddle is assembled from replaceable parts and requires no special tools for servicing.

To the eye, the C17 may appear quite racy, which indeed it is. Yet its dimensions are based closely on that of Brooks’ most recognisable model, the B17, ensuring the same timeless comfort mile after mile, for men and women. 

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