New products are released with fanfare. Business cards slid over a wood effect table. Branded T-shirts emblazoned with catchy slogans and worn with pride. Fist or elbow bumps, not handshakes - it’s 2022 after all. This week the cycling world is congregating in the German city of Frankfurt for Eurobike - the globe's biggest bike show.

A small delegation from Velorution has made the trip to take the temperature of the bike industry. Would it be hot like the German weather? Or colder than a complimentary beer dispensed from a mini fridge?

Here we’re sharing the trends we spotted, details of new products you’ll see in stock with us soon and some odds and ends that left us somewhat befuddled.   

Electric Bikes, Electric Bikes, Electric Bikes

If you’ve kept even the curtest of glances on the cycling world in the last 5 years, you’ll have noticed the extraordinary rise (and rise) of electric bikes. Bicycles, like many things in today’s world, are experiencing an electric revolution. Stepping foot inside the cavernous halls of Frankfurt’s Messe and electric bikes are front and centre. Folding electric bikes, urban electric bikes, cargo electric bikes – two wheels, three wheels, sometimes four - the sheer breadth and choice of electric bikes at Eurobike 2022 is hard to comprehend, even for us.

You think you're smart, do you Bosch? Well we suppose you are.

But something that got us purring, and something clear to see at Eurobike, is the continued rapid advancement of electric bike technology (motors, batteries and display systems) from the likes of Bosch, Shimano, Mahle and Bafang, amongst a plethora of other brands. Larger capacity batteries mean more time between charges, complex motors mean better ride feel and more connectivity means greater compatibility across smartphones, mapping applications and fitness tracking.

Just this week, Bosch has announced a slew of new updates, including larger capacity batteries for more riding range, new displays and controllers, an e-bike alarm system and updates to their ABS safer braking system. We’ll add more details of the Bosch MY23 announcement in the coming days here.

The ever popular Bosch Performance Line motor was visible throughout the show

A system commonly found in light urban electric bikes, Mahle was also exhibiting at Eurobike. Their new X20 electric bike system weighs just 3.2kg in total, a figure that should make future production bikes, like the Schindelhauer Emil lighter, easier to wield but crucially for an electric bike, always fun to ride.

The Mahle X20 motor can easily be cradled in one hand

The (electric) cargo bikes are coming

As recently reported by The Guardian, sales of cargo bikes in the UK are growing. As urban and electric specialists, we believe electric cargo bikes are part of the future for moving people and things in our polluted, traffic-choaked cities. And although we’re far behind the Europeans when it comes to cargo, we’d imagine that only the best of the best will make it to our shores in the coming years.

Box bike or long tail, electric cargo bike buyers are spoilt for choice

The number and breadth of electric cargo bikes at Eurobike 2022 were truly astonishing. All manner of long-tail bikes for ferrying the eldest to school, humungous box bikes for last-mile business deliveries and everything in between. Watch this space for further announcements regarding electric cargo bikes at Velorution and for a tad more on this subject, our ultimate guide to electric cargo bikes is an excellent place to start.

Plenty of space up front and at the rear

Lock it, leave it

Let's face it, electric bikes are expensive - certainly more pricey than standard bikes and with that comes the nagging worry of theft. Whether at home, at work or out and about, keeping your pride and joy in your hands can be a thankless task.

Smart locks are a thing.

New technology is at hand however and it was clear to see at Eurobike that bicycle lock development is continuing apace. Whether that's a lock to deter thieves in the first place, or GPS trackers integrated into bikes in case it goes walkies.

With many electric bikes now including wheel locks as standard, extra plugin locks like this are becoming more popular. For security at home or at work, we like them, we think you will too.
German's Abus are so big that they brought a whole manufacturing unit to their Eurobike 2022 stand. Here a Bordo folding lock is being riveted together.

5 New Products From Eurobike 2022

Historically Eurobike has been the place to launch new products. After trawling the hauls here are some new bits we spotted; bikes and accessories that’ll be coming your way soon.

Brompton P Line Electric

In 2021, Brompton overhauled its entire range with a new naming convention. Historically, the lightest Brompton was given the title Superlight but come 2022, the bike is now known as P Line and on Monday, Brompton announced the release of an entirely new bike, the Electric P Line.

This is the storm grey colour which is set off nicely by the bike's black components

Previous to Monday’s announcement, Brompton C Line Electric was the British brand’s only electric offering, albeit available in a variety of colours, gearings and handlebar options. With Electric P Line , Brompton is aiming to offer the most compact, light and folding electric bike on the market. At 12.7kg or 15.6kg with the battery pack, the Brompton Electric P Line is certainly featherweight. We’d imagine it would appeal to riders that frequently use a train, tube or tram to get about, in combination with a bike.

The battery pack is quickly and easily removed from a Brompton electric

The Brompton Electric P Line has a range of 70km between charges and is available in two colours and two handlebar variants. Unlike the Brompton C Line Electric which is available in 2 (Urban) or 6 (Explore) gear formats, the Electric P Line is only sold in one, 4 gear format.

Electric P Line is sold with and without robust roller wheels. With them on its extremely easy to wheel the bike along rather than carry it.

Schindelhauer Heinrich One

Belt drive aficionados Schindelhauer were present at the show and they took the opportunity to debut the Heinrich One, a single-speed version of the Heinrich electric bike.

All the traditional Schindelhauer design touches are present and correct on this new bike. Jaunty frame shapes, top-end componentry and practical touches. This new bike stands out for its use of a Bosch Performance Line CX motor – the German brand’s most powerful motor, usually reserved for electric mountain bikes.

Tern NBD

Tern is a household name in the folding and electric cargo bike sphere. Between the Quick Haul, HSD and GSD Tern has pretty much every base covered, at least we thought so. Tern has recently lifted the covers off the NBD. Standing for New Bike Day this is a 20” wheeled, Bosch-powered utility bike that has accessibility and ease of use at its heart.

The NBD has a very low standover height making it extremely easy to get on and off

Tern describes it as a bike for: “For riders that are smaller in size and have a hard time finding a bike that fits, or older riders who might not have ridden a bike in a while, or riders who might have balance or physical issues, or riders who are just intimidated by the sheer size and weight of the average e-bike, the NBD will be refreshingly easy to hop aboard and ride.”

Expect to see the Tern NBD in stock at Velorution from 2023 onwards.

Spurcycle Compact Bell

We’ve grown tired of saying the words, not all bicycle bells are equal. This adage certainly rings true when it comes to Spurcycle and their original bicycle bell. Released as an alternative, yet equally resonant bell, the Spurcycle Compact Bell used a narrower clamp to take up less handlebar space, and its manufacturing location made it cheaper than the American brand's flagship bell.

Name a tastier range of bottles, we'll wait.

Unfortunately, the small clamp made it incompatible with certain bikes, until now. The Compact bell is available in a larger 31.8mm size ensuring it’ll fit all but the largest of handlebars.

Ortlieb Soulo

Ortlieb is a bike bag favourite. Whether that's a pannier bag or cycling backpack, the German-made accessories are popular amongst all types of cyclists.

The clean, minimal look of the Soulo appeals to us

The Soulo is a minimal, waterproof daypack with a lockable magnetic lid. Its 25-litre capacity is more than enough for most days and there's a padded laptop section for your chosen laptop.

A hooded top is sealed with these rather fancy buckles

Eurobike 2022: The weird and the wonderful

Look beyond the biggest stands at Eurobike and you'll find some weird and wonderful products. Some might never see the light of day, some which may go mainstream and some we might never be able to explain - here are some of them.

Dogs at Eurobike.
Stuffed dogs at Eurobike.
As far as looks go, it's very hard to beat a Schindelhauer.
Our friends at Pelago were showing off a limited edition collaboration with skate brand Element. More to come!
Potentially overkill, but this Abus helmet does show how many places you can mount a bike light for extra visibility.
Bikes with Gates belt drive were everywhere. This was a standout.
We have no words to describe this bike. Is it even a bike?
Taking a dip. The brand at this stand were keen to prove that electricity and water can mix.
This colorful stand (and bike) got our vote.
Only time will tell, we guess.
Taking in everything at Eurobike is thirsty work. Good job this bike was on hand.
We can't wait until the Moustache Lundi 20 electric cargo bike arrives in stock with us.
Ring out the old, ring in the new. Ring out the false, ring in the true.

That's the end of our Eurobike 2022 wrap-up. Let us know what you enjoyed in the comments below.