Germans Kalkhoff produce straightforward, well-equipped electric bikes. Inside Kalkhoff's glossy catalogue brochure are a wide variety of electric bikes. Bikes suited to the rigours of daily commuting, for short trips in the city or longer rides in the countryside. Long admirers of Kalkhoff, we've enjoyed making them available to customers in London and beyond. In this article, we aim to explain the naming structure of Kalkhoff electric bikes. A helping hand then, if you wish to buy a Kalkhoff electric bike online in the UK or via a Velorution store

Man riding a Kalkhoff electric bike casual clothes

Kalkhoff Model Name

Endeavour, Entice and Image. These are the three Kalkhoff product families. When buying an electric bike, you'll most likely have a use in mind. Maybe for transport during the week and to have fun at the weekend. Perhaps, the electric bike is to get you from home to office. Ponder and note the detail below.

Kalkhoff Endeavour: Best suited for longer rides, with some light offroad sections. Sometimes these are known as 'trekking electric bikes'

Kalkhoff Entice: Versatile electric bikes. Kalkhoff call them 'allroad' 

Kalkhoff Image: Electric bikes best for riding in towns and cities

A man riding a Kalkhoff electric bike over a cycle bridge

Kalkhoff Platform Level

The Kalkhoff Platform level is a tiered product system within the Kalkhoff model name. The options are 1, 3, 5 and 7. Here's a helpful table for comparison. 

Level 7Level 5 Level 3 Level 1
Battery Power (Wh)750Wh625Wh500Wh
TorqueUp to 85nMUp to 85nMUp to 65nMUp to 65nM
Bosch MotorPerformance Line CXPerformance Line CX
Performance Lin
Performance Line
Active Line Plus
Performance Line
Active Line Plus
Active Line
One Surface PaintYesNoNoNo
Integrated CablingYesYesNoNo
Plus + Rating (170kg load capacity)YesYesNoNo

Kalkhoff Drive System

In the past, Kalkhoff has used different electric systems on their bicycles. Today, all Kalkhoff electric bikes use a Bosch e-bike system - this is where the 'B' in the model name originates.

Bosch Performance Line CX motor on a Kalkhoff electric bike" class="wp-image-3057"></figure>

Arguably Bosch is the biggest and best player in the electric bike motor game. Various tiers of motors, batteries and displays pair with each Kalkhoff electric bike like a fine cheese and red wine. Electric bikes powered by Bosch is a subject all of their own hence why we've written this: A guide to 2022 Bosch e-bike motors, batteries and displays.

Kalkhoff Model Range

The penultimate reference for a Kalkhoff electric bike name is the model range. The model range provides a reference point for the equipment fitted to an electric bike, components like gears, brakes or suspension fork. 

Excite: The best-of-the-best, the ultimate equipment package with the best components.

Advance: Value for money but for those not looking to invest too heavily

Move: Kalkhoff's basic model, plenty good enough for most uses.

Woman riding Kalkhoff electric bike in an industrial setting

Kalkhoff Special Accessories

There is one final notation for Kalkhoff electric bikes. '45' is for speed pedelecs, they're not currently available to purchase in the UK so we won't dwell on this here.

However, the Kalkhoff Plus or + series is of interest. Electric bikes that include this are rated to a load-bearing capacity of 170kg. As someone who's 110kg, your author is a couple of panniers worth of food shopping or one toddler away from the 130kg weight limit of some electric bikes.

Kalkhoff Frame Types

Although not referred to in the name of each Kalkhoff electric model, the frame type of the bike is equally important. In some places, you might see them referred to as 'Comfort' (CO), 'Wave' (WA), 'Trapez' (TR) or 'Diamond' (DI). The naming terminology we tend to stick to is 'Step Through' for both Comfort and Wave frame types, 'Trapez' and plain old 'Electric Bike' for 'diamond' frames. 

Hopefully, that's gone some way to explain Kalkhoff electric bikes. Our electric bikes are just a click away and we're just an email away too. And why not give a Kalkhoff a go in one of our four London stores