We first saw the Zehus hub at Eurobike this year and were blown away by the technology. A brushless motor, battery, electronics and sensors, all contained within the hub. With a capacity of 160Wh and a weight of just 3kg, it really is an impressive unit.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone (iOS and Android supported) to your BIKE+ all in one to select your favourite power mode, manage your trip data and even lock the bike. Your smartphone acts also as a gateway through the Zehus community, allowing you to access services such as online diagnosis, bike-oriented navigation, mobility stats and other social functions (e.g. find a stolen bike).

BIKE+ technology represents the 3rd generation of e-bikes.

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Bike+ all-in-one is the first product released by Italian company Zehus. An innovative cycling solution that, using a sophisticated and “smart” power pack, reduces the cyclist’s fatigue by managing energy efficiently. A bicycle equipped with Bike+ all in one is a brand new type of vehicle that:

SLIDEISPO-01_0003_Layer-41• is used exactly like a normal bicycle
• switches on/off automatically
• supports the cyclist during the most strenuous actions (starts, accelerations, uphill)
• recovers the energy when it would be otherwise lost (decelerations, higher constant speed, downhill)
• never needs to be recharged from the grid!

Bike+ all in one is able to assist the cyclist when he needs more help without discharging completely the system by capitalising on the efficiency gaps of the human body, as well as the recovered energy, for example during braking or slope. Above all the system decreases the human effort by an optimal use of the energy of the whole system (human and bike together). How is this possible? Thanks to a fine calibration of the control system and to the metabolic studies conducted on the human body. After many years of research, a new concept of powertrain was born.

All the necessary components have been positioned in a very compact hub mounted on the rear wheel of the bicycle, without needing cables or other extra parts for assembly. All the necessary components in this light and compact design such as motor, batteries and sensors are integrated into the hub.

Every thing in Bike+ all in one is automated; however, a quick customisation is possible via a smartphone App, which allows to set up different parameters such as intensity of motor assistance, intensity of regeneration and so on. The smartphone App is also suitable for implementing many other features, like locking from localisation for fleet management to localisation options through the social networks.

Bike+ is a 100% Italian product, the flagship of the Italian style and design culture through the centuries.


To test ride an a bike with the Bike+ all in one installed, visit our shop to see the Klaxon Chat Zehus - a fantastic bike with all the features listed above, as well as wooden mudguards and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive.