Bonjour mes amis and bienvenue to a new Moustache electric bike: the Lundi 20. From a manufacturer that has stoutly encouraged people to leave the car at home and go places by bike, Moustache is aiming for the next frontier, an electric bike to definitively replace a vehicle. A natural evolution then of the brand's electric bike expertise and knowledge. The Lundi 20 electric cargo bike has been conceived to cover the school run, the weekly shop, or the daily deliveries - a bike versatile enough to cover a variety of uses.

Here in the UK, we're somewhat behind the curve when it comes to electric cargo bikes. Our friends at the Bicycle Association report that around 4000 cargo bikes were sold in 2020, lagging far behind our European friends, France and Germany in particular. Other than the Tern GSD (of which you can read more of here), the choice of long-tailed electric cargo bikes is somewhat limited and that's why we're so thrilled to let you know more about this new bike.

5 things you should know about the Moustache Lundi 20

Whether you're looking to beat the traffic, lower your emissions or reduce reliance on a car or public transport, here are five things that the Moustache Lundi 20 prides itself on...

  1. This electric cargo bike's focus is comfort: Riding an electric cargo bike is less head down, gurn o'clock and more eyes up, smile etched upon ones face. After all, the assistance provided by the Bosch electric motor makes riding the bike - even with heavy loads - easy and fun. This bike uses the same handlebar as the Lundi 27 electric bike. A Moustache shaped handlebar for an upright riding position and a good field of vision - essential in town. Wide 2.35" tyres are good for extra squish too.
  2. The Albert protection bar is sold as standard with every Lundi 20: Albert is the extra rectangle of tubing fixed to the bike's rear rack. This small, but significant component provides a safe space for both cabbages and children alike.
  3. Gates Belt Drive comes to Moustache for the first time: As a specialist in urban, electric and folding bikes we tend to be drawn to ones with low maintenance, low wear Gates Belt, rather than a traditional chain. Available on a Moustache electric bike for the first time, the Gates system is teamed with the downright fancy Enviolo gear system on the Lundi 20.5. Here's a plug for another journal, 7 of the best bikes with Gates Belt Drive.
  4. The frame uses triple cavity tubes for extra rigidity: Capable of handling loads (rider plus passengers and luggage) up to 200kg, the Lundi 20 e-cargo is one beefed-up package. In some places, the frame uses tubes with three cavities to provide extra strength. The whole frame, including the bike's fork, has passed the leading industry standard safety tests, performed by EFBE.
  5. Each bike has a suspension/dropper seatpost: Now here's something neat. The Lundi 20 has a seatpost with both suspension and hydraulic drop adjustment. The 40mm of travel on the seatpost irons out the judder of rough roads and the dropper is great for hopping on and off at traffic lights. It also makes adjusting the saddle height for different riders a tool-less job. The Lundi 20 is suitable for riders between 155 and 190cm.

Moustache Lundi 20 Accessories

It's safe to say that the garçons et filles at Moustache have done their cargo bike homework. The list of accessories to accompany the Lundi 20 is astonishing, but then that's perhaps something to expect given the versatility of a bike like this. Do bear with us as we list the options in exhaustive detail...

  • Moustache Child Seat By Urban Iki: For children (max load 22kg) from 9 months to 6 years. This MIK HD compatible child seat is produced in a colour unique to Moustache.
  • Moustache Seat Pad By Urban Iki: A seat for older children (max load 70kg) folding backrest and seat belt.
  • Moustache Diego Passenger Bar: A support handle for passengers. To be used with an accompanying seat pad only.
  • Moustache Clark Backpack: A 100% waterproof rolltop backpack that doubles as a pannier.
  • Moustache Greg & Manu Double Pannier: Named after the founders of Moustache, this double pannier offers 41L of storage.
  • Moustache Clementine Pannier Bag: Sold individually, this cavernous waterproof pannier (45L) can be folded when not in use.
  • Moustache Hook Set: Just some hooks between a piece of bungee cord? Think again. 3 different size hooks are made specifically to fit onto the Albert bar.
  • Moustache Mario Modular Bar: An accessory for those carrying items, not people. Attached to the Albert bar to section off and secure items on the rear carrier.
  • Moustache Charlie Front Rack: The smaller of the two front racks, Charlie is MIK compatible for items up to 15kg.
  • Moustache Magnum Front Rack: A larger front rack to consume bulkier items. MIK compatible, it'll take Euro standard crates (30x40cm max)
  • Moustache Salvador Basket: Mount to the front or rear rack this is a safe haven for 23L of 'stuff'.
  • Moustache Frida Crate: A 33L crate, Frida can be fitted upfront on the Magnum rack or outback on the rear rack.

Moustache Lundi 20 Range

The Lundi 20.3 is available in four different packages. All bikes use the Bosch Cargo Line motor and are controlled by the Bosch Intuvia display unit. Each bike also has lights front and rear (the rear brightens when slowing down), mudguards, rear-wheel cover and Magura specific e-bike brakes. Don't forget the comfortable step-through frame, Moustache handlebar and that suspension-dropper seatpost.

Moustache Lundi 20.3

First up, the Lundi 20.3. This model has a 500Wh battery and is fitted with a Shimano Deore gearing system. The wide range rear cassette (10-46t) with the gutsy Bosch cargo line motor will deal with heavy loads and hills in a trice.

Price: £4299

Moustache Lundi 20.3 Dual

Shimming up the range ladder you find the Lundi 20.3 Dual. It's the same bike as the standard 20.3 but this time it has two 500Wh batteries. Using the Bosch range estimator, by our calculations you could ride for over 100 miles in eco mode before you need to recharge. Obviously this can vary hugely with factors like weight, weather and speed but nevertheless, impressive, uh?

Price: £5199

Moustache Lundi 20.5

And so to the Lundi 20.5. This is very much the same bike as the 20.3 but with one crucial difference: the Shimano Deore gear system is switched out for an Enviolo hub gear and gates carbon belt. We've spent some time explaining the Enviolo gearing system in this journal piece. In short, the real-world benefit of this setup is a longer time between servicing - great if you're planning to ride the bike day-in, day-out.

Price: £5199

Moustache Lundi 20.5 Dual

Here we are then, the top of the Lundi 20 tree, the 20.5 Dual. This has everything thrown at it, the two 500Wh batteries and the upgraded gear system. Now, as you'd expect the price does rise for this option, but for those riding big distances, year-round - perhaps those looking to use the bike for business - this may well be money well spent.

Price: £6099

The Moustache Lundi 20 will arrive at our stores sometime in early 2022. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about this new bike. Pop it in the comments below, email us at or pop into one of our four stores across the capital.