Start searching for a childseat, pannier bag or basket for your bike or electric bike and you might come across MIK or MIK HD. Those three and five letters may seem simple on the face of it, but they might open up a host of compatibility (and internet browser windows) woes. This short explainer aims to help you understand the system and how it relates to you and your bike.

What is MIK?

MIK (it stands for Mounting Is Key) is a safe, strong carrying system that enables the quick fitment (and removal) of various items to a bicycle's pannier rack. In its essence, MIK is a plate that attaches to a pannier rack. The carrying accessory slots and then clicks in place with the accompanying MIK stick.

This system means changing between a set of panniers for shopping and a child seat for school drop-off becomes a 2-second job. Quick removal of your riding accessories is convenient when a weekend spin is on the cards, or you wish to load the bike onto a car bike rack.

To complicate matters somewhat, not all pannier racks are MIK compatible - some will require an additional carrier plate to enable the fitment of a MIK adapter plate and compatible accessory. The table below provides a simple illustration of what is required.
  MIK pannier rack Non-MIK pannier rack
MIK Adapter Plate

MIK Carrier Plate  

MIK compatible accessory

What is MIK HD?

MIK HD is an updated version of MIK. The MIK HD adapter plate is extra strong (rated up to 30kg) and designed with child seats in mind. MIK HD (together with an Urban Iki child seat) was the first bicycle child seat to achieve certification from the internationally recognised TÜV Rheinland.

What else? The MIK HD has a reliable two-step safety device that prevents accidental removal and is also compatible with existing MIK accessories. Some bike manufacturers, like Moustache with their Lundi 20 electric cargo bike, are building their new models with the MIK HD adapter plate already fitted.

That's a quick explainer on MIK and MIK HD. Question? Fire away in the comments below, contact us or speak directly to one of our stores.