The Joey adapts to various terrains. Whether you’re riding city streets or country trails, it’s a pleasure to ride – and it folds down into a dedicated traveller case

Photography Joanna Dudderidge

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Airnimal was founded on the desire to be able to easily transport a first-class bike anywhere you might want to use it. Whether that means flying somewhere exotic, getting into the countryside by train, coach or car, or simply commuting. With an Airnimal folding bike, your best bike travels with you.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.08Modern materials and the use of slightly smaller (but equally high performance) 24” or 20” wheel sizes allowed us to design a bike that rides and handles at least as well as conventional designs, but that can also be dramatically reduced in size for different transportation requirements.

The Joey is the complete all rounder: whether you’re a sports rider, commuter, tourist or a trail rider, the Joey can do it all. Unusually, it works well with two wheel sizes – fat profile for the city or trail, or narrow, high pressure for ultimate speed.

The Joey has two levels of fold. The first fold takes about 30 seconds and, with the addition of the Commuter kit (except for some bar configurations), will leave you with a contained package that can either be picked up with one hand, or wheeled. There is also a Joey bag designed to fit this fold. The second level of fold takes a few minutes, depending on the accessories you have fitted, and gets the bike small enough to fit into our dedicated traveller case.