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  1. The Quiet Revolution

    The Quiet Revolution
    Long gone are the days of clunky, old-school commuters. For many people the freedom and enjoyment of commuting has become a way of life; often these people talk less about the brand and more of the configuration and its application to their cycling needs. Our idea of an all-weather commuter companion would be a city hybrid that offered a relaxed...
  2. Future Shifting

    Future Shifting
    Wilhelm XVIII Black At the heart of Schindelhauer’s new vanguard Wilhelm XVIII lays the Pinion P1.18 gearbox. 18 evenly spaced ratios, which make for a total gear range of 636 percent, outline the current pinnacle in shifting. Every gear conveys the immediacy of a single-speed transmission while the centrally mounted gearbox creates an evened-out balance. Equipped with exclusive CNC-machined...
  3. An Absolute Belter

    An Absolute Belter
    For over a Century, Gates has told us to belt up… by which we mean provide the mechanism to turn wheels, of course. Now, its Gates Carbon Drive belt is taking the next evolutionary step in cycling Words GAVIN STOKER How many of us have dismounted from a bike and inspected a dark smear across our shins, the result of...
  4. Bike for Life

    Bike for Life
    Jay from Velorution talks us through the advantages offered by Van Nicholas bikes, including how their titanium construction beats aluminium and carbon fibre… Van Nicholas represents great value for money; yes, there are other companies offering titanium, but these guys are offering a premium product at a nicer price. The passion that has gone into their construction is evident throughout...
  5. Simply Electric

    Simply Electric
    Mixing style with practicality and portability, the Gocycle G2 is your go anywhere, take anywhere, electric bike that comes with its own clever ‘app’… ‘G’ whizz indeed! Words by GAVIN STOKER Electric bikes don’t have to be clunky beasts, as proved by the sleek and inspirational Gocycle G2. It’s powered by a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery pack, which provides a...
  6. Pelago to Go, Go

    Pelago to Go, Go
    Based in the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland, Pelago states its simple intention to be the maker of bicycles their owners can be proud of. We find out more… Like many of our interviewees this issue, the Finnish founders and manufacturers of beautiful Pelago bikes tell us that personal passion got them into the business of manufacturing and marketing bikes...
  7. Czar Trek

    Czar Trek
    Andrew Gilligan We catch up with Cycling Commissioner for London and senior reporter for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph Andrew Gilligan, the man promising to let city cyclists boldly go where no cyclist has gone before, to find out what’s new since we last spoke for our inaugural issue… Interview GAVIN STOKER London’s ‘cycling czar’ is a busy man...

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