1. Celebrating the Queen's Birthday with Pashley Bicycles

    Celebrating the Queen's Birthday with Pashley Bicycles
    Celebrate our Queen’s 92nd birthday with Pashley Bicycles. Pashley have been hand-building high-quality bicycles and tricycles since 1926, the same year the Queen was born, hence they are celebrating the same birthday! Come and view an array of Pashley bicycles including the Britannia, Princess Sovereign, Guv’nor and many more. Take a test ride around the block and find out why Pashley bikes...
  2. Velorutionaries - Kevin Kimber

    Velorutionaries - Kevin Kimber
    What do you do for a living? I work in technology, and having spent the past fifteen years starting and scaling software businesses, I decided to start my own Advisory company working with start up and early stage technology companies to help them launch and scale. I spend my week working with some of the most innovative new companies advising them...
  3. Made in Britain

    Made in Britain
    Updated 23/06/2020 Pashley is a British institution, based in Stratford-upon-avon, producing bikes using the skills of local workers and resisting the rush to outsource production to the far east. Velorution visits the factory to find out how the company has stayed true to its roots On arrival at the Pashley factory, a modest building, sunbathing in the middle of a...
  4. Searching for the Saddle Satori

    Searching for the Saddle Satori
    Words ANDY BLACKMOORE. Take a walk at the weekend and you’ll no doubt encounter a whole host of cycling buffs aboard a mind-bending assortment of racing cycles. However, you might be lucky enough to spot an even rarer tribe. Riders in search of a whole different vibe, undertaking a trip down memory lane, on a machine that’s more tour de...

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