Sebastian Conran

  1. Three Wheels Good. Four Wheels Bad.

    Three Wheels Good. Four Wheels Bad.
    Vélo Solex   EU data has proven that if only 10% of car drivers cycled instead, then traffic congestion could be reduced by up to 40% for all road users in general. Another figure has mentioned that if that 10% could rise to 25% then congestion would become a thing of the past altogether. This in turn would free...
  2. Velorutionary - Sebastian Conran

    Velorutionary - Sebastian Conran
    Sebastian Conran. What do you do for a living? As a child I aspired to being an inventor, and I guess I am about as close as I can be to my childhood ambition. What's best about cycling? The magic moments: my very favourite place to cycle is over Tower Bridge in London. What are you currently riding? Moultons! What was your...

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