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  1. Velorutionary - Marc Simon

    Velorutionary - Marc Simon
    What do you do for a living? I run an independent dental surgery supply and maintenance company, and have done since 1988. What are you passionate about? My passions are often competing for maximum exposure. I am a very keen and pretty useful cook. I like to shop for good and, when possible, interesting and locally sourced ingredients from Farmers’...
  2. Van Nicholas Ventus VR £1299 for a limited time

    Van Nicholas Ventus VR £1299 for a limited time
      No this is not an April Fool for a limited time and in limited quantities and sizes we are offering the amazing titanium bike with a lifetime warranty on the frame for an incredible £1299 !!!
  3. Bike for Life

    Bike for Life
    Jay from Velorution talks us through the advantages offered by Van Nicholas bikes, including how their titanium construction beats aluminium and carbon fibre… Van Nicholas represents great value for money; yes, there are other companies offering titanium, but these guys are offering a premium product at a nicer price. The passion that has gone into their construction is evident throughout...

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