black_black_riflessoRizoma’s Metropolitan 77|011 boasts breathtaking Italian style that will stop you in your tracks

At Velorution we pride ourselves on the amazing range of bicycles we source from all around the globe. We aim to stock the very best of the market, and the Italian-made Rizoma Metropolitan 77|011 is no exception. Its intriguing design – a seamless carbon fibre monocoque frame with an absent seat post – has grabbed the attention of many of our customers, who quite literally do a double take when they first see this beautiful bike.

Rizoma, the internationally renowned brand for all things cycling, presents the innovative Metropolitan Bike 77|011, dedicated to those who love style and technology. A unique commodity, ideal for navigating urban environments with style, the Metropolitan Bike 77|011 has changed the rules and the concept of motion, adapting it for contemporary culture. Technically advanced and durable, the most compelling feature of this Rizoma is its multi-functionality. The rear wheel comes with the possibility to choose between two single speed capabilities; a traditional free wheel, as will as fixed-gear, using a threaded sprocket, a growing trend among urban cyclists who prefer the greater control by using the pedals for braking.

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The 77|011 also comes with mounts for the optional brakes included on the base model. Rizoma’s interpretation of the ‘Made in Italy’ style and philosophy are clearly seen in the simplicity of the design and in its plug and play functionality, all in a single frame size (thanks to the adjustable seat 92>96 cm), removing the complication of choosing a best-fitting model.

The Metropolitan Bike 77|011 by Rizoma is the fusion of a cutting-edge concept with an exclusive design. The sleek carbon fibre structural skin frame and the simplicity of the belt-drive contribute to a decidedly modern look. Aluminium elements, machined from a solid piece, make the 77|011 distinctive and a mere 8kg, so it’s easy to carry on your shoulder when climbing stairs or going into the subway.

Rizoma’s iconic bike is available in shiny carbon with fluorescent orange rims, and matte white with fluorescent orange rims, and are all made of carbon fibre. Some say that the Metropolitan Bike 77|11 is a work of art, and we agree. We feel incredibly lucky to be the exclusive UK stockists of this extraordinary bike.