Charlotte Upcott née Gilmartin: Swifty Scooter

What do you do for a living?

I’m a former two time Olympian for Team GB in short track speed skating. I was an elite athlete for 13 years and now transitioning into married life and a future career. I’m currently a Personal Trainer at David Lloyd in Nottingham and proud to have been accepted as a fire fighter.

What are you passionate about?

I had so much help and support to get to the top in sport - from my team, family, friends and community, that I am passionate about giving back and helping people reach their own goals or keeping them safe. I tend to throw myself into sport at the deep end, I love trying new things and pushing my limits, so not surprisingly I am super competitive from racing on the track to playing rock, paper, scissors.

How long have you been cyclist?

I have always been a keen cyclist because it was the best way to improve endurance and build my aerobic base needed to compete in skating.

What bike are you riding and why?

I came across scootering just before the Sochi Winter Games 2014, when I was in touch with Swi y Scooters via twitter. t then became a way to recover in between the vigorous training. I would have my Miniature Schnauzer Daphne on a harness enjoying pulling me along so that we both got the benefits.

My favourite scooter has been the Swifty One folding scooter which is super handy for hopping on and off trains and trams. Plus it just looks great- I love the big wheels and fresh colours.

What appeals to you about scooting?

It’s great all-round. I use it as a fun way to train or commute. Makes life easier and quicker to cut across town saving me valuable time.

How often do you scoot?

I scoot most days for the convenience of saving time and burning those extra calories in a fun way without thinking or working too hard.

What’s your favourite route or destination?

I tend to go on long rides in the Nottinghamshire countryside at the weekend as I’ve found this really clears my mind or simply commuting across the city to work. I also enjoy going to Colwick Country Park where Daphne loves going in and around the lakes.