What do you do for a living?

I’m a student at UCL. I’m just about to start my master’s year reading Natural Sciences, majoring in Cell Biology.

What are you passionate about?

Obviously my studies, which I like to consider unravelling the mysteries of life! I’m also passionate about sailing, which has been central to large majority of my life. Recently my family completed an Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean, now we have either the way back to look forward to, or just continue all the way around!

How long have you been a cyclist?

I’ve been cycling since I was a toddler! I won’t let my Dad live down taking off my stabilisers when I was three - apparently he didn’t want the hassle of putting them back on... (I’m obviously very hard done by). Many holidays have been spent cycling, from mountain biking in the Alps in tours from the UK, to Greece.

What bike are you riding?

I have the Gazelle Tour Populair, which was my 21st birthday present. It’s a classic Dutch bike, with all the features - from dynamo to an in-built rear wheel lock, and of course the Brooks saddle.

What appeals to you about cycling?

I enjoy the ease and freedom travelling around London by bicycle. Most of the time it is quicker to cycle around London than any other means of transport.

How often do you ride?

I ride almost every day, mainly to and from university. However wherever I’m off to I want to take my bike!

What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?

I like to do one long cycle per week, usually at the weekends, where I’ll head from Camden down to Wandsworth, along the river on the cycle “superhighway” (a bright blue cycle lane...). Cycling around Cambridge is also great. I hope with London becoming more cycle-friendly, it will be something that Cambridge soon emulates too.

Published from Velorution Magazine Issue 5