Edward Lethbridge - Schindelhauer Ludwig

What do you do for a living?

I work in mergers and acquisitions - advising on buying and selling businesses. In the last twelve months we have sold over one hundred companies around the world. 2018 was a big year for our London office as we celebrated our 10th anniversary and a record year.

What are you passionate about?

I have a growing art collection. I'm passionate about that. I try to buy three good paintings a year and must have more than twenty by now. They are all old paintings of farm animals which my friends find a bit odd, but was raised on a farm in the West Country so to me it’s perfectly normal to be surrounded by livestock at home.

How long have you been a cyclist?

I’ve always cycled to get around – at home, at university and now work. I've been cycling to work pretty much every day since I started my current role ten years ago. It's just under five miles door to door which takes about twenty minutes. That's faster than a taxi, healthy and very efficient.

What bike are you riding?

It’s a customised Schindelhauer Ludwig VIII with Gates Carbon Drive. It is the most comfortable bicycle nve ever ridden and replaces a single speed bike with solid tyres and poor brakes. The difference is chalk and cheese.

What appeals to you about cycling?

Cycling is great exercise and it's the fastest route for me to commute to and from work. Now am encouraging my 9 year old daughter to cycle as well, we cycle together on the weekends around Clapham. My father always used to cycle with me and my siblings when we were young so it’s nice to continue that tradition.

How often do you ride?

I ride all the time and in all weather – sun, snow, wind and rain. It's a fairly short commuting distance plus I invested in good all weather kit, including excellent dynamo powered lights, so it’s not a problem.

What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?

London has some fabulous parks to cycle through – far better than most other cities in the world. Battersea ark is my favourite; it’s on my route home and the two mile carriage drive is ideal for cycling.