Lawrie Curtis - Kalkhoff Agattu Excite B8

What do you do for a living?

I have been retired for some 7 years - how time flies! I worked as a self-employed sales agent selling DIY products to independent retailers and wholesale outlets in London through to East Anglia. One advantage was that I drove through wonderful countryside and villages; the downside is that had insufficient time to explore, and time meant money.

What are you passionate about?

Being retired enables me to explore the countryside in my own time as well as enjoying numerous holidays, playing badminton, walking with the local ramblers in Epping Forest on the edge of North East London and Essex. I am involved in Scouting in Hackney, which has its challenges. I was a Games Maker for the 2012 Olympic Games for both the main and paraplegic competitors. I volunteered for the Prudential Ride London for the last couple of years and saw numerous types of bicycles both in classic and modern designs, there were even a number of electric skateboards!

How long have you been a cyclist?

I have enjoyed cycling for many years but have not ventured out on longer journeys. This all stopped when our bicycles were stolen from our garage despite being chained and locked together.

What bike are you riding?

Late last year we decided to look round for replacement bicycles and the possibility of buying electric bikes, as my wife had a test ride on one and was suitably impressed. In February 2018 we went to The London Bike Show and had test rides on the track with the Velorution team. When Velorution Electric opened its doors we were able to try as many bikes as we liked and went on wonderful rides around Regents Park and the neighbouring BBC car park which has a steep ramp in which to test out the various modes. I decided to buy the German-built Kalkhoff Agattu Excite B8 e-bike. It is an excellent quality bike and really comfortable.

How often do you ride?

We plan to ride every week depending on the weather, but to fit this in, with all our other activities that we retired people do, will need careful planning!

What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?

Cycling gives you freedom of the road and time to enjoy the country lanes at your own pace. We bought a specialist car rack for the bikes; this will enable us to go further afield. We are considering taking the bikes to Europe and cycling down the empty lanes just like Butch Cassidy!