Sebastian Rokeberg - Schindelhauer Ludwig

What do you do for a living?

I am currently finishing my masters degree in vehicle design at the Royal College of Art. My main area of work revolves around interior vehicle design and how we might encounter the much talked about level five autonomy, from a interior point of view. s er this summer, I hope to commence work in the automotive industry but location and company are yet to be decided.

What are you passionate about?

I consider myself passionate about anything industrial design, whether it’s typography, branding, products or vehicles. My main reason for loving design is the openness and creativity, and I am constantly amazed of how we surround ourselves with design everyday everywhere without even thinking about it. Coming from Norway, I also love spending time outdoors whether it’s on skis, running, swimming or with a tennis racket in my hand.

How long have you been a cyclist?

I have been a cyclist since the beginning of elementary school. We even had a bike test that everyone had to pass for permission to ride their bikes to and from school. I did have a gap in my cycling years, once I purchased a Vespa and then later on for my motorbike license. Now however, having lived in London for two years, I wouldn’t trade my Schindelhauer for anything.

What bike are you riding?

My Schindelhauer Ludwig VIII in the pure aluminium finish is the bike of dreams. remember seeing this on the wall with in a bike shop back home in Oslo, and I fell in love with it straight away. I remember thinking to myself, this is so awless that might actually consider biking in London. I have also fitted it with the matching leather toe clips and the Continental Grand Prix classic tyres with brown detail.

What appeals to you about cycling?

The freedom and peace. With the carbon belt drive, the Schindelhauer rides incredibly steady and quietly. When it’s actually nice weather here in the London, the city opens up and being able to catch the breeze in your face in a congested and packed metropolis makes biking the best investment ever. Cycling is also quicker than any other transport in London, and you burn some mean leg muscles hehe!

How often do you ride?

I try to cycle as much as possible, yet I feel limited by really wet weather and try not to provoke an incident by going out in windy, slippery London traffic.