Updated: 23/06/2020

Stephen Kamlish QC - Lynksey Custom Build

What do you do for a living?

For 38 years I have worked as a barrister in criminal defence and although it's often gruelling I will probably keep doing it until I drop. To say one meets interesting people in my work is an understatement. In particular, alleged murderers and terrorists, all have sad and o en tragic stories to tell. I have learnt when dealing with such complex lives that almost no one is simply good or bad.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my work. Making sure that people get a fair trial. This means leaving no stone unturned. But my life would have no real meaning without my husband Bobby. Together for 30 years now. We spend 3 months of the year in our farmhouse in Italy, which we are both passionate about.

How long have you been a cyclist?

I have been an off-and-on cyclist since childhood. In my teens I was a gymnast and found that cycling up and down the hills from school to home was a natural way to keep fit. have become much more of a keen cyclist in recent years and now see it as my main form of transport in London, when I do not have too many books and papers to lug around.

What bike are you riding?

I went to Velorution Islington where Roger suggested a Lynskey titanium frame and created a bike like I have never ridden before. It’s light, fast, silent, oh so comfortable, beautiful and a joy to ride. In the first couple of weeks used to email him after a ride saying “I love this ******* bike!”

What appeals to you about cycling?

It is a good way to get exercise when your job involves hours at a desk or in court. Much more pleasure and utilitarian than going to the gym.

How often do you ride and where?

My daily route is to and from Dalston, where I live, then to the Old Bailey and my chambers in Lincolnns nn fields. When have time I stop at Ironmonger Row baths for a swim. Bobby and I try and cycle for pleasure, down the canal, through Victoria Park to the Olympic Park is a favourite.

What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?

In Italy we have a couple of bikes that we sometimes take to the beach near Senigallia. After a quick spin round the market, maybe picking up a few peaches, we cycle 13 kilometres down the coast road and back up again. We turn round and cycle back, stopping for a swim on the way. Twenty-six kilometres - flat but hot!