What do you do for a living?
I'm a senior scientific advisor and analytics leader developing machine learning products for finance, retail, tech and other clients. This means I look at all of the data artefacts that people leave behind or that surround us to understand what drives behaviour. I also have a soft spot for start-ups. I'm in the middle of setting one up with a friend and I mentor others, helping them define their product strategy or to find funding.

What are you passionate about?
Many things. I really love my job and mathematics - it's just such an interesting field to work in. But I also love playing music, all kinds of sports, travelling and making things.

How long have you been a cyclist?
In my hometown many people cycle so it is the normal way of getting around as a school-kid. I think I started cycling when I was two or three years old. But even before that I was in a seat on my dad's bike.

What bike are you riding now?
A Gazelle Van Stael. I love her to bits and she's so pretty that everyone gives me compliments about her.  It’s getting so bad the other day I was at a set of traffic lights lost in my own world when someone came up to me and started speaking.  I just replied “Yes, thank you she’s a really pretty bike” before they repeated themselves and asked for directions.

What appeals to you about cycling?
It's lots of fun. It's freedom and it's fast. My days are quite busy so riding my bike helps me get around faster.

How often do you ride?
Nearly every day if the weather isn't too bad.

What is your favourite cycle route or destination?
To a coffee shop to meet a good friend.

Archived from Velorution Magazine issue 4