What do you do for a living?

I’m head of Digital for Universal Strategic Marketing International based in London working with some of the world’s greatest music artists and their catalogues. My role involves working with our many stakeholder teams across the globe in delivering new releases and content to our fans through a multitude of channels and digital initiatives. I’m also the project lead for udiscovermusic.com Universal Music’s new global music discovery and editorial platform.

What are you passionate about?
Music, film, scooting, cycling, travel and tech innovation.

How long have you been a cyclist?
All my life. I learned to cycle at a very young age and always loved it.

What bike are you riding?
I now ha e the new MK3 Swifty folding scooter that I use daily plus a Marin bike that I use for longer rides. I bought the Swifty folding scooter last year and it totally changed my daily commute.

What appeals to you about cycling and scooting?
I love scooting across London as it gives me time to think about the many creative aspects of my job. I find it relaxing and good to relieve stress at the end of each day. Scooting is a great way to escape the full train commute, as I can jump out at Clapham junction and scoot the last few miles home.

How often do you scoot?
Most weekdays unless the weather is really bad. Having the Swifty means I can fold it and take it on the tube, train or to my meetings in town – it’s light and super easy to fold, so for my needs it’s the ultimate urban form of non-motorised transport.

What is your favourite cycle route or destination?
Weekdays are great as most of my journey is on road or cycle paths. At weekends during the summer I try to go for a longer rides to Richmond Park or along the Thames.

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