What do you do for a living?

I’m a Property Underwriter at Lloyd’s of London specialising in US markets.

What are you passionate about?

Food! I love it! Primarily eating. That pushed my enthusiasm to cook it properly, conjuring up meals for friends is always a joy. London has a multi- cultural outlook on food, whether it be fine dining, or the plethora of pop-up street chefs serving new creations. Thankfully regular cycling helps mitigate any side effects from overindulging.

How long have you been a cyclist?

I’ve been cycling for as long as I can remember, and can still picture my first Raleigh mountain bike. I took up cycling again to commute to work. I caught the bug quickly and now every summer I take part in a mountainous European tour with a group of hardy friends. Summer 2016 was in Vuelta, Northern Spain, which included Alto de L’Angliru.

What bike are you riding now?

This bike is “Shinie Tempah”. A silly consequence of giving my bikes rappers’ names. He is a Schindelhauer Siegfried Road, that has been beautifully modifed by the team at Velorution. Brooks very kindly made a one-off addle that matches the tan leather bar- tape and tyre trim, following a wonderful polishing job, it’s super shiny! I cannot speak highly enough about the belt drive experience.

What appeals to you about cycling?

I love the freedom. There’s so little stopping time and you can travel as far as you want. I see a lot of riders cycling with earphones listening to music, whilst I can understand the appeal, I also love the peacefulness of a bike ride.

How often do you ride?

Whatever the weather, I commute every day between the City and Battersea. I find it far more enjoyable than the packed Tube, it certainly wakes you up in the morning. I also try and do a fortnightly escapade to the Surrey Hills or around Richmond Park.

What is your favourite cycle route or destination?

My journey home from work is one of the best city commutes in the world. Down the Embankment, past The Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, across Chelsea Bridge and through Battersea Park. There’s so much history along the river. Other than that, a trail through Washington Park, Portland, and touristing Copenhagen. The best individual ride I’ve ever done was a twilight descent from Col De La Croix de Fer to Le Bourg d’Oisans.