What do you do for a living?
I’m a Sales Account Manager for Brompton Bicycle. I’m responsible for developing B2B relationships, coming up with sales strategies and training dealers. It’s an interesting role with a good balance of being in the office and out on the road.
What are you passionate about?
Of course, I love all things cycling. I also have a passion for listening to, and making music. I’ve always had an eclectic taste, from baroque to big band, delta blues to death metal and most things in between. At the moment I’m playing the harmonica, piano and guitar, but I also have some more niche items in my collection such as a bamboo saxophone, dobro and ocarina. Unfortunately I’m not allowed bagpipes.
How long have you been a cyclist?
From three years old, I’ve always had some form of wheels. My first ‘proper’ bike was a lovely green Raleigh with stabilisers. I started commuting eight miles a day to school from Stoke Newington to Islington with my Mum aged seven. I have fond memories of riding along the canal reciting my times tables. Weekends were spent cycling towards green spaces with my parents. By eleven I had already completed my first forty-mile charity ride, I haven’t stopped riding since.
What bike are you riding now?
My Brompton! It’s probably the best purchase I’ve made. I have bikes for most disciplines, but the Brompton trumps them all. I’ve locked it up twice in five years. It’s always by my side or in the cloakroom, whether I’m out on the weekend, shopping or at a gig.
What appeals to you about cycling?
The freedom to explore, the sense of community, the satisfaction gained from reaching a destination through my own efforts. There are so many benefits to mention before even touching the health and environmental factors.
How often do you ride?
I ride to work pretty much every day and try my best to get out on the weekends. A group from the Brompton factory ride the London to Brighton every year and the Surrey 100 on our Bromptons. I also take part in The London Nocturne folding bike races and the Brompton World Championships, representing the Brompton Factory Racing team.
What is your favourite cycle route or destination?
Probably the Ronde Van Vlaanderen route. It’s gruelling work and a real test for your equipment, fitness and mental fortitude, but it’s a ride steeped in cycling history – a true classic. For destination, it’s anywhere with good cake.

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