What do you do for a living?
I’m a News and Documentary filmmaker for the BBC, specialising in investigative journalism. For the last eighteen months I have been working in some of the World’s most toxic war zones – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. I’ve also travelled to Iran, Tajikistan and Belarus this year.

How long have you been a cyclist?
I have been a cyclist for around a year. I was working in Homs in Syria last April when a mortar bomb hit our vehicle; my colleague and I were lucky to escape with our lives. On my return to London I had trouble using the London Underground because it made me feel claustrophobic and so a bike seemed like a good option.

What are you riding now?
My bike chose me. I was walking past Velorution and the beautiful bicycles in the window called out to me. I test-rode a few models but as soon as I sat on my elegant Schindelhauer Lotte I knew that it was right for me – it’s an incredibly elegant modelwith 8 gears, a Brooks saddle and hand-sewn leather grips.

What appeals to you about cycling?
I spend a good deal of my working life travelling through the streets of apocalyptic cities in a soft-skin vehicle wearing a flak jacket, when I’m back in London riding on my bike, I feel free. I’ve become very evangelical about cycling: I love the pace at which you view the world while riding on a bike - I have time to take in the landscapes I am travelling through and I now have a better appreciation of the beauty and amazing architecture of London.

How often do you ride?
As often as my work allows – on average I travel for three weeks of every month, when I’m at home I try to ride everyday since it helps with my physical and psychological wellbeing.

What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?
I’m fortunate enough to live near Hampstead Heath, so I have a forty-five minute route through this island of countryside, past the ponds and through woodland and meadows. I sometimes commute to work in Central London, freewheeling through Regent’s Park with the wind in my hair as the sun rises is a truly exhilarating experience.