If you’ve been asking ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ for the last two months and have gotten nowhere, you might be starting to get a bit of a panic about your pressies this year. We’re not saying that Christmas should be all about what’s under the tree (if there's anything 2022 has taught us, it may well be that!) but there's nothing wrong with pleasing a loved one this year with something they'll cherish!

So why not pop on some Bublé, pour yourself a mulled beverage and have a quick spin through a selection of gifts for all budgets? And if the mood takes you, our gift choosing contains a deeper array of favourites for this time of the year. Oh and one final thing before we get stuck in, our Christmas delivery information is but just a click away, whilst our seasonal opening hours are on this page.

UNIT1 Faro Helmet

Smart helmets, roughly classified as those with lights or other integrated features, are growing in popularity. As it's something riders usually never leave home without, why not add some features for safety or comfort? The Faro from UNIT1 features a standard strip of LED lights on the front and to the rear, two sets of lights. Another strip of red LEDs and second, a run of 46 RGB LED lights. These fully customisable, animated lights can display turning signals, a brake light when slowing or just an extra rear tail light.

The Faro has an IPX6 waterproof rating and a battery life of 3-10 hours depending on active features.

The colours of the Faro helmet are very smart. There's traditional black, a natural shade of green - juniper, a sky blue - maverick and a muted grey - stingray. UNIT1 has taken the time to match the rear light section to the colour of the helmet. Both MIPS and non-MIPS versions are available.

Price: From £149.99

Spurcycle Bicycle Bell

It's hard to put your finger on it, but there is something quite festive about the tinkle of a bicycle bell. A bestseller at any time of the year, but certainly around Christmas, the Spurcycle Bell is a premium bell with a ring that should easily outlast the worst Christmas cracker joke.

Beautiful machining on the Spurcycle Bell.

Made in the USA from brass and stainless steel, each bell is guaranteed for life. They should also fit most standard handlebar sizes. There are two versions to choose from. The Raw version, an excellent accompaniment to classic bikes with chrome or silver handlebars. Then there's the black edition for modern road or mountain bikes.

Price: From £59

Thousand JR. Helmet

It wouldn't be Christmas without something for smaller cyclists! For children aged 5 to 11, the Thousand JR. Helmet is EU safety approved for cycling, roller skating and skateboarding. An adjustable dial fit system means that the helmet will grow as your child does.

If it looks cool, children will want to wear it, right?

The helmet is easy to pop on and off thanks to a magnetic buckle and like their full-sized sister product, vegan leather straps keep them snug and secure. Thousand have also neatly integrated six vents into the helmet to keep little heads cool.

Perhaps most importantly, every helmet arrives with a sticker pack so your child can customise their lid to their heart's content. Now, which colour? There's blue, green or pink to choose from.

Price: £49.99

Elmer EM360 Glove

Yet another trip to pick up a click-and-collect food order, a ride into town to drop something at friends or just a late night at the office. If you’re riding a bike in December you'll be needing a pair of cycling gloves - even the slightest wind chill can leave gloveless hands feeling like a pair of ice blocks.

The Elmer EM360 glove in charcoal with that bright orange strip.

These Elmer gloves should do the trick. Made with a mix of fabrics (including recycled wool) the Elmer EM360 glove will ward off everything but the chilliest, or wettest conditions. One aspect we really like is the split cuff design. It makes getting them on and off extremely easy. They are smart enough to grace that work Christmas party you've been roped into.

Price: £80

Portland Design Works Bottle Cage

A PDW bottle cage is a small cycling component, much like the Spurcycle Bell, that shouldn't escape your attention. Formed from a strong alloy compound, each cage is capable of holding a 500ml or 750ml bottle in a strong grip.

Hoot, hoot, woof, woof... Meeoooooow!

If the Sparrow shape doesn't take your eye there's an Owl version, whilst for fans of domestic animals, the Lucky Cat bottle cage or the Very Good Dog (VGD) cage should hit the right note.

Price: From £19.99

Gocycle G4 Folding Electric Bike

Electric, electric, electric - it's not just your boiler or your car that is going electric, bikes are muscling in on the green, electric revolution too, and why not? It wouldn't be overstating things by saying that Coronavirus has changed travel habits for good and the e-bike offers an excellent alternative to the car or public transport, both for city folk and commuters alike. A unique proposition, and a popular one at that, is the Gocycle G4 folding electric bike.

Sleek, stylish and designed to be folded in less than 10 seconds, it is the perfect set of wheels for urban living. The G4 isn't just great to ride because of its electric assistance. Ergonomic and comfortable grips are mated to a 3-speed mechanical twist shifter, making cruising around town, and changing gear when you need to, extremely easy. The Gocycle G4 is available in three colours and is stocked in every Velorution store. Electric bikes can require a bit of explanation. An excellent place to start is our introduction to electric bikes.

Price: From £3,299

Brompton C Line Electric Bike

Another item getting the electric treatment is the humble Brompton. This C Line Explore has a 250W motor, 6 gears and various assistance modes to help you save battery when the need arises! The Brompton is made right here in the UK.

This frame colour is called Matcha Green. It's recently been released.

Complete with mudguards, front and rear lights and a pump the Brompton even has an accompanying app offering enhanced features such as journey tracking, easy assistance mode changing, speedometer and other bits! The Brompton is your ticket to escape great aunt Audrey or another two hours of Macaulay Culkin on ITV4. Brompton has been busy recently - they recently announced sweeping changes to their entire range.

Price: From £2,995

Chrome Industries Urban EX Rolltop 20L or 30L

One last gift for you to ogle over is from our American friends Chrome Industries. The Urban EX is a backpack in either a 20L or 30L capacity. It's completely waterproof and capable of stowing a 15" laptop. Accessing the bag is easy with a simple roll-top opened with clips on either side.

This is the fog colour of the Urban Ex rolltop. The lock holder loops and Chrome logo are reflective.

Accessing the bag is easy with a simple roll-top opened with clips on either side. The bag is comfortable to wear and the yoke strap across the chest helps distribute heavier loads.

Price: From £140

Other things that caught our eye 

And finally, because Christmas isn't all about bikes, bells and bags we've collated a selection of other odds and ends that's piqued our interest this festive season. First up, it's Canopy Plants, run in Peckham by Saskia and James. They offer a startling arrangement of plants for your home or workplace (hold on, isn't that the same thing?!) available individually, or as part of a subscription package. Their packaging is 100% sustainable cardboard and they even use potato starch bags when wrapping the plants for delivery!

Sticking with a sustainable theme, take a gander at KanKan and their range of body and hand washes available in 'infinitely recyclable aluminium cans. We like! Meanwhile, Desmond & Dempsey, with their luxury pyjamas have us craving for yet more sofa time (What? You've had enough?!) at Christmas. Indeed, as their homepage states at the time of writing, "The joy, the drama, the ultimate pyjama."

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a good book to thumb through and our selection is back on the cycling theme. How about The Road Book 2022? For those familiar with cover drives and follow ons the book is essentially a cycling version of the popular Wisden Almanack. This 912-page tome isn't just DNFs and OTLs. There are essays from some of the finest cycling scribes in the land to get stuck into too,

So there you have it – some of our best gift ideas for the cyclist in your life. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to pick up something they’ll (or you'll!) love this year