Velorution and Sustainability


Velorution and Sustainability

Cyclists are deeply connected to the environment we ride in; from the busy thoroughfares of town to quiet parks, suburbs and the countryside beyond. And whilst we know the benefits of cycling extend far beyond CO₂ emissions and air quality it would be remiss of us not to consider our impact, as a retailer, on the environment.

As the world begins a long road to environmental recovery, we're taking small, but hopefully, meaningful steps to reduce our impact on the environment. Our workshops in Hackney and Islington are working hard to increase their recycling percentages, where possible we use recyclable paper bags to package online orders and some colleagues work remotely to avoid unnecessary travel. You can read more about these steps in more detail below. 


Waste recycling

We've partnered with First Mile to help us increase the percentage of our business waste that is recycled.  For 2021 we managed to hit a recycling rate of 68% - good, but more to do! You can also see an example of First Mile's monthly report by heading to this link


A further simple change we've made is to ensure all cardboard bike boxes are recycled. Bikes are delivered in large cardboard boxes and rather than send to landfill, we segregate them to ensure they'll return as another bike box one day.

Delivery of items

Where possible we ship items in recyclable, brown paper bags. Easily popped in your designated recycling bin, they're also handy for sending out items yourselves! If suitable we'll also re-use cardboard bike boxes for delivering bikes to you.

Working from home

Whilst most of our teams work in retail spaces, our web and finance employees work at home, avoiding unnecessary travel and only travelling to store or for meetings when required.