Thousand Helmets Chapter MIPS Helmet - Supermoon White

The Thousand Chapter Helmet has MIPS, integrated lighting and plenty of ventilation. It a great choice for a stylish, urban cycling helmet.

Thousand Helmets Chapter MIPS Helmet - Supermoon White
As low as £139.00

The Thousand Chapter Helmet is an evolution of the their original Heritage Helmet. The stylish shape remains, with a new contrasting visor on the front and eight air vents to improve air flow over your head. At the rear of the Chapter Helmet is a removable red light which clips magnetically to the helmet or can be removed and fitted to your bike with the included mount.

  • Stylish urban cycling helmet
  • Integrated dial fit system
  • Magnetic under-chin faster
  • Contrasting visor
  • Integrated rear light that fits your helmet and bike (bike mount included)
  • Light battery lasts 1 hour solid or 2 hours flashing
  • Pop lock vent to lock your helmet securely
  • CPSC and CE1078 certified
  • MIPS liner reduces rotational forces in the event of a crash