VELOFIT (£180, 1 ½ hours)

The VeloFit is used to design a frame geometry tailored to your ideal riding position. It can be used to setup your existing bike or ensure you make the right decision when choosing a new bike.
  • • We look at your cycling history and aspirations. Discomfort on or off the bike. Injuries and physical activities.
  • • A general flexiblity test, along with hamstring and hip flexor measurements.
  • • Inseam, height and shoulder width are recorded for correct specification of equipment sizing
  • • Comprehensive weighted and unweighted measurements of feet for correct shoe sizing
  • • Cleats checked and correctly adjusted
  • • Pedalling biomechanics, including knee aligment are set and checked with a laser line
  • • Neutral spine and core adjustment
  • • Correct arm aligment
  • • Fitting jig is adjusted to riders optimal position. A full set of result and drawings are provided via email

VELOFIT LITE (£90, 30 minutes)

VeloFit Lite is designed specifically for customers buying a new bike from Velorution and is refunded on purchase.
  • • This service helps determine your optimal cycling position, comfort and perforrmance
  • • General flexiblity test
  • • Pedalling biomechanics for correct saddle height
  • • Neutral spine - correct aligment of the back
  • • Correct arm aligment for the handlebar position

VELOCLEAT (£40, 30 minutes)

  • • Knee bend analysis for arch height and tracking knees
  • • Cleat adjustment for correct float and position on shoe
  • • Pedalling biomechanics for correct saddle height

For booking please contact email [email protected]