10 Fastest Electric Bikes in 2024 (That Money Can Buy)

10 Fastest Electric Bikes in 2024 (That Money Can Buy)

Did you know the speed record for the fastest electric bike in the world stands at aa jaw-dropping 283.182 mph?

That’s faster than most planes at takeoff!

Unsurprisingly, that e-bike isn't available commercially. However, in this article, we'll look at the 10 fastest e-bikes that you can actually buy, with some reaching speeds of over 70mph (110kmh).

But before we do so, there is a very important thing to be aware of regarding the laws surrounding electric bike speed.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The e-bikes mentioned in this post are not legal to use on public roads in many countries worldwide. In the UK, Europe, and Australia, the law states that e-bikes must be fitted with a speed limiter, and pedal assistance is restricted to 15.5mph. It's 20mph or 25mph in the USA, depending on state. Therefore, these super-fast electric bikes can only be used on private land. Learn more about e-bike laws here.

Fastest Electric Bikes in the World

  • Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX (Top Speed: 70MPH / 112 KPH)
  • Hallomotor FC-1 (Top Speed: 65MPH / 105KPH)
  • Hi Power Cycles Revolution X (Top Speed: 65MPH / 104 KPH)

1. Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX

Hi Power Cycles' Revolution XX Super E-Bike is a standout in the e-bike world, boasting capabilities that blur the lines between electric bikes and motorbikes.

It's officially the fastest e-bike you can purchase, with a top speed of over 70 mph. Test riders have pushed it even further, reaching speeds of up to 74 mph on flat terrain.

This model isn't just about speed—it's designed to handle it, featuring a build that's more akin to a dirt bike with heavy-duty tires and world-class brakes, plus a windscreen that's essential for high-speed travel. The bike's design, including a specialized windscreen and a finely-tuned suspension system, helps slice through wind resistance and is adjusted to fit each buyer's specifications.

This e-bike also doesn't skimp on distance—its battery system offers an impressive range of nearly 100 miles, making it ideal for extended high-speed runs off the beaten path.

While the Revolution XX ships compliant with US Class 2 e-bike laws, limiting it to 20 mph to ensure legality on public roads, modifications can unlock its full potential. However, such alterations will make the bike illegal for public road use, restricting its high-speed use to private tracks or properties.

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 70mph / 112 kph
  • Range: 160 km
  • Wheel Size: 24”
  • Gears: X-Speed

2. Hallomotor FC-1

The Hallomotor FC-1 electric bike ranks impressively on our list with a notable top speed of 65 mph.

This bike demands respect and cautious handling due to its powerful capabilities.

It features a robust 5000W hub motor, which is likely rated at peak power, although Hallomotor hasn't explicitly confirmed this. The bike's design is straightforward with a single-speed gearing system, making it focused primarily on achieving high speeds without the complexity of multiple gears.

Like many high-performance e-bikes, the FC-1 is equipped with dual suspension and is designed to handle the rigors of high-speed travel. 

However, some details about the FC-1 remain vague. Hallomotor has not provided complete specifications, including the bike’s weight and wheel size, which might be a concern for potential buyers.

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 65mph / 104 kph
  • Weight: Not stated
  • Range: 65-75 km
  • Wheel Size: Not stated
  • Gears: 1-Speed

3. Hi Power Cycles Revolution X

Hi Power Cycles' Revolution X stands out as a formidable leader in the electric bike market with a top speed of up to 65 mph, depending on the power option selected.

This flagship model comes standard with a 6,000W motor, but enthusiasts seeking more thrill can opt for either the 7,000W or 8,000W versions to push the speed even further.

Introduced five years ago, the Revolution X saw a significant upgrade in 2022, including a new motor that offers a 7% increase in maximum efficiency, reduced weight, and lower cogging torque, enhancing both performance and handling.

The Revolution X is customizable with various options to cater to different riding styles and preferences. It offers two motor types: the Thunderbolt, which is ideal for those looking for a balance of speed, acceleration, and torque suitable for moderate trails and hills, and the Striker, which is optimized for riders who prioritize acceleration and torque over top speed, making it better suited for steeper terrains.

Depending on the chosen motor and power level, speeds can vary, with the Thunderbolt achieving up to 60+ mph on the 8,000W model, and the Striker reaching up to 50 mph on the same power setting.

Despite its high performance, the Revolution X is designed to comply with US Class 2 e-bike laws, limiting its speed to 20 mph for road use, though it clearly has the capability to go much faster. 

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 65mph / 104 kph
  • Weight: 35.8 kg
  • Range: 80 km
  • Wheel Size: 26”
  • Gears: 10-Speed

4. Stealth B-52

The Stealth B-52 is an electric bike that stands out for its combination of power and affordability. It offers a top speed of 50 mph at a price of around £9,500, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to many high-performance e-bikes.

It is equipped with a 2500W continuous power motor that can peak at 6200W, ensuring robust acceleration capabilities. Additionally, this model features motorcycle-grade brakes that provide precise stopping power with minimal effort, emphasizing safety and control at high speeds.

With a substantial weight of 64 kg, the Stealth B-52 balances durability with performance, capable of covering a maximum range of 60 miles in economy mode and 25 miles when pushing the limits at full throttle.

The bike is also designed for quick recovery with a recharge time of just 3 hours, ensuring that riders can get back on the trail in no time. It’s also built for comfort and resilience, featuring a high-torque, brushless DC hub motor and sophisticated suspension that promises a smooth ride even on rough terrains.

The Stealth B-52 isn't just about robust performance; it also focuses on sustainability and ease of maintenance with its solid state, digital inverter technology, which reduces wear-and-tear by eliminating moving parts. 

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 50mph / 80 kph
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Range: 100 km
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Gears: 9-Speed

5. Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i

The Delfast Top e-bike combines exceptional range and impressive speed, making it an ideal choice for those who value both endurance and quickness.

Capable of reaching up to 50 mph and offering a full charge range of about 200 miles, the Delfast Top blurs the traditional boundaries between electric bicycles and motorbikes. Despite its motorbike-like appearance and capabilities, it retains bicycle features like pedals, thus qualifying for inclusion in this e-bike list.

Delfast offers two versions of this model: the Top 3.0, available in the EU and internationally, and the Top 3.0i, exclusive to the US market. Both models come equipped with an on-board computer and GPS navigation systems—3G GPS for the Top 3.0 and 4G GPS for the Top 3.0i. Functionally identical in terms of speed and range, these models differ slightly in their tech offerings.

They are both shipped as Class 2 e-bikes with a single-speed Gates Carbon Drive™ belt system, capable of reaching 20 mph using up to 750W. However, they also feature an Unlimited mode—5000W and 50 mph for the 3.0i, and 3000W and 50 mph for the 3.0—allowing for powerful off-road capabilities.

Moreover, the Delfast Top is designed to meet the legal road requirements in its respective markets. 

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 50mph / 80 kph
  • Weight: 69 kg
  • Range: 321 km
  • Wheel Size: 19”
  • Gears: Single Speed

6. Hi Power Cycles Recon

The Hi Power Cycles (HPC) Recon stands out in the e-bike market as a remarkably fast, folding electric bike with a top speed of 45 mph when equipped with the highest power motor option (2000W).

This model was inspired by the Montague folding e-bike, originally developed for US army paratroopers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has been adapted for civilian use with full-size wheels that maintain a compact design.

The Recon not only offers high speeds but also exceptional versatility and portability, appealing especially to those needing a powerful, transportable e-bike.

Despite its foldable design, the Recon does not compromise on performance. It features a robust mid-drive motor, allowing for a variety of gearing systems that riders can fully utilize, unlike e-bikes with hub-drive motors.

This setup enhances the bike’s adaptability and efficiency on various terrains. Additionally, it is equipped with high-end Magura hydraulic brakes, a suspension system with 100mm of travel, and Kenda tires, ensuring a reliable and comfortable ride on most surfaces.

The HPC Recon combines the practicality of a folding bike with the performance of a high-speed e-bike, making it a unique offering in the market. It is road-legal and available in various configurations to suit different needs and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 45mph / 72 kph
  • Weight: 69 kg
  • Range: 321 km
  • Wheel Size: 19”
  • Gears: Single Speed

7. Ristretto 512 A24

The Ristretto 512 A24 elegantly combines a top speed of 40 mph with an Italian vintage-inspired aesthetic, creating an e-bike that is both swift and stylish.

Available in two U.S. road-legal classes—Class 2, with throttle and pedal assist up to 20 mph, and Class 3, which extends pedal-assisted speeds up to 28 mph—it ensures compliance with various regulations.

Beyond standard settings, the bike boasts an exclusive 'Race Mode' that unleashes up to 4,500W of power for thrilling speeds of 40 mph, although this mode is intended strictly for private or track use. Transitioning between modes is seamless, facilitated by an LCD display that also avoids the need for mechanical tampering to bypass speed limitations.

With a range spanning 50 to 100 miles per charge, which recharges in about 5 to 6 hours, the 512 A24 is built for endurance.

It features a lightweight frame at 40 kg and is equipped with an adjustable suspension system that riders can tailor to their comfort and riding conditions. The bike is fitted with fat tires that enhance stability and traction, especially on soft terrains like sand, making it versatile across different environments.

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 40mph / 64 kph
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Range: 80-160km
  • Wheel Size: 24”
  • Gears: 1-speed

8. Nireeka Prime 1500

Nireeka may not be a household name yet, but it's certainly making waves with its range of unique electric bikes, several of which boast speeds exceeding 30 mph.

Among them, the Prime model stands out—specifically designed for urban environments, yet it doesn't sacrifice comfort, thanks to its large 4-inch tires ideally suited for city rides.

The Prime is powered by a robust Bafang mid-drive motor, delivering a substantial 160Nm of torque, which not only contributes to its impressive top speed of 37 mph but also enhances acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities.

This makes the Prime an excellent choice for those looking to navigate urban landscapes quickly and efficiently. The Nireeka website offers a wealth of information on the Prime and provides options for customization, allowing buyers to tailor the bike to their needs with upgrades such as a spare battery or different gearing configurations.

Starting at just over $2,500, the Prime offers significant value, especially compared to other e-bikes with similar specifications.

It comes with a carbon frame that's available in two sizes and features a 1500W Bafang motor as standard. While it ships worldwide and offers potential upgrades, it's worth noting that it lacks suspension and the fat tires might not appeal to everyone, depending on their riding preferences.

Key Features:

  • 1500W Bafang motor as standard
  • Two frame sizes
  • Carbon frame
  • Upgrades possible
  • Ships around the world

9. Nireeka Mega 1500

The second Nireeka e-bike to make our list is the Mega 1500, a model that shares many specifications with the Prime 1500 but sets itself apart with its full suspension design.

This feature, incorporating both front and rear travel, enables the Mega 1500 to excel in off-road conditions, providing a smooth and controlled ride even at its top speed of 37mph.

The robust frame, combined with a powerful motor that delivers 200Nm of torque, ensures that this bike is not only fast but also exceptionally capable across various terrains.

To further enhance its off-road prowess, the Mega 1500 is equipped with large-volume 4-inch wide Kenda tires that offer excellent traction on diverse surfaces.

The base model comes with standard Shimano brakes, but for those seeking an upgrade, there's an option to include ABS brakes. Similar to those used in cars, ABS brakes maintain effective stopping power under different conditions, improving safety and control during high-speed descents and on slippery or uneven surfaces.

The Mega 1500 is available in two frame sizes and features uber-powerful mid-drive motors, making it a formidable choice for e-bike enthusiasts looking for a blend of speed and versatility.

While its distinctive looks and 26-inch wheels might not suit everyone's taste or riding style, the availability of ABS brakes as an add-on is a significant advantage for those prioritizing performance and safety. This model offers a compelling combination of advanced features and customization options, catering to both adventure seekers and daily commuters.

Key Features:

  • Top Speed: 37mph
  • Weight: 66lbs
  • Range: 52 miles
  • Wheel Size: 26″
  • Gears: 9 speed

10. Optibike R22 Everest

The R22 Everest e-bike earns its name by being robust enough in theory to tackle a climb equivalent to Mount Everest, provided a road existed for such a feat.

Crafted in Colorado, the Everest combines a high top speed of 36mph with remarkable endurance. Equipped with two large batteries, it boasts a total capacity of 3260Wh, allowing for an impressive range of nearly 300 miles on a single charge.

This makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoy long-distance rides or serious off-grid adventures, where recharging opportunities might be sparse.

This e-bike sets itself apart with its high-quality drivetrain featuring a Rohloff 14-speed hub gear, renowned for its reliability and efficiency.

The inclusion of such a premium component contributes significantly to the bike's performance, especially in rugged terrain where variable gearing is crucial. The Rohloff hub gear system not only enhances the bike’s versatility but also its durability, making it a top choice for serious cyclists despite its premium cost.

While the R22 Everest offers numerous benefits like an extensive riding range and a sophisticated gearing system, it does come with a few drawbacks.

Weighing in at 93lbs, it's on the heavier side, which might challenge some riders, particularly when handling or transporting the bike. Additionally, it's available in only one frame size, limiting its accessibility to riders of varying heights.

Nonetheless, for those who value endurance and top-tier gear technology, the R22 Everest presents a compelling, albeit costly, option.

Key Features: 

  • Top Speed: 36mph
  • Weight: 93lbs
  • Range: 300 miles
  • Wheel Size: Not stated
  • Gears: 14-speed

The Fastest E-Bikes and Speed Limits

You might be wondering if getting a super-fast e-bike is worth it given all the speed limits. Well, those limits are there for a good reason—to keep everyone safe.

E-bikes are pretty quiet, which means it’s hard to hear one coming. And if you’re zooming along on two wheels, a spill can really hurt.

Besides, the typical speed limits are usually fast enough for commuting, leisure rides, or just getting around town.

It’s true that you can tweak an e-bike to go faster by delimiting it.

This involves adjusting the bike’s settings to trick it into thinking it’s moving slower than it actually is, allowing it to use full electrical power without cutting off the motor.

However, once you do this, your e-bike won’t be legal to ride on public roads anymore because it no longer meets the legal speed restrictions.

HPC Revolution XX: World's Fastest Production E-Bike



What is The Fastest Electric Bike in The World?

Did you hear about the Voxan Wattman? It's the current record holder for the fastest electric motorcycle.

Driven by Max Biaggi, a former Grand Prix motorcycle racer, at the Kennedy Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, this beast clocked an incredible 283.182 mph (455.737 km/h) on December 1, 2021. And with a bit of help from a favorable wind, its GPS even recorded a peak speed of 292.204 mph (470.257 km/h).

Crafted in Monaco, the Voxan Wattman packs a whopping 150 kW of power, which translates to about 203 horsepower.

It can zoom from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.4 seconds. Designed specifically to smash world speed records, it’s not something you can just pick up at your local dealership.

Another mind-blowing e-bike built for speed is the WMC250EV from White Motorcycle Concepts. This one isn’t meant for the roads either. It’s targeting the world land speed record for electric motorcycles and showcases some pretty unique tech advancements over traditional bikes.

It’s called the WMC250EV because it aims to reach 250 mph (402 km/h), but who knows? It might just surpass that. In early tests, just checking that everything was in working order, it easily hit 170 mph (274 km/h).

Voxan Wattman: The World's Fastest Electric Bike

What's The Fastest E-Bike You Can Buy?

Check out the Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX if you’re searching for the fastest electric bike you can actually buy.

This powerhouse can blaze past 70 mph, and it’s even hit 74 mph in tests. It's built more like a dirt bike, complete with rugged tires, top-notch brakes, and a sleek windscreen to cut through the air.

This bike isn’t just about speed; it boasts a battery range of 100 miles. But catch this—only 20 of these speedsters are being made.

While it’s designed to fit within the US Class 2 e-bike laws, capped at 20 mph, you could tweak it. Just remember, any major changes might mean it’s no longer street-legal.

Lamborghini Huracan vs HPC Revolution E-Bike Canyon Run 


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