What Happened to Velorution? (New Owner Explains All)

What Happened to Velorution? (New Owner Explains All)

I first came across Velorution in 2012, not longer after I’d launched my “cycling in style” blog, Discerning Cyclist.

The first thing I thought after seeing Velorution was: “damn, that’s a much better name than ours... I wish I’d thought of that.”

In the years that followed, I kept an eye on Velorution as I ran my own site.

I saw the ebbs and flows but was gutted when I saw the brand - like many others in the cycling industry - crash into administration in 2023 (not helped by a car and a bus crashing into TWO separate stores - see below).

Bus crashing into the Velorution store in Chelsea

But the idea of “Velorution” disappearing seemed like an awful metaphor for urban cycling in general.

So I got in touch with the administrators and managed to buy the name, website and social channels.

And here I am, more than a decade on, finally the owner of the name I wish I’d thought of. Slow progress, indeed.

What Next for Velorution?

But owning the Velorution name isn’t just a vanity project. I don’t want to leave it gathering dust on my digital mantle piece.

I want to see the Velorution materialise.

But what does that look like?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the past few months.

Should I keep it as a shop? Should I turn it into a marketplace? Should I turn into a blog? Should it be a community forum?

And the answer, I realised, was: yes.

Let’s create beautiful products that celebrate the joy of cycling.

Let’s compile the best urban cycling gear so people can buy them directly from brands the make them.

Let’s publish amazing content that educates and entertains on the world of urban cycling.

Let’s connect those who believe in the power of pedalling with a community forum.

The Velorution plan.

As you can see there's a lot going on.

But above all else, if you care about cycling and believe that pedalling is the way forward, I'd love you to join our free community forum.

Here we can connect by sharing our stories, advice and even the odd joke.

But to introduce yourself, I'd just love you to share a picture of your bicycle. It doesn't matter if it's a top-tier road bike or a battered old pub bike. If it gets you from A to B, I'd love to see it.

I'll also be asking for feedback and sharing progress on the Velorution business as a whole (e.g. which products should we create, what features do you want to see). I truly want you to become a part of this project.]

¡Viva la Velorution!

And as part of the launch, I'd also like to reveal our Viva la Velorution collection

This collection celebrates the transformation of urban transportation through the promotion of cycling. By championing the simple bicycle we aim to create sustainable, healthy and more livable cities. 

VIEW: Viva la Velorution Collection

Ask Me Anything

So there we have it. If you have any more questions about the Velorution brand (past, present or future) I'll be happy to answer this "Ask Me Anything" thread on the Velorution Community forum.

Join the Cycling Revolution

  • Shop: Velorution's own product range that celebrate the joy of cycling
  • Market: Discover great bikes/gear and buy directly from the brands who make them
  • Blog: Learn about the latest developments in urban cycling
  • Community: Connect with others in our community forum

Viva la Velorution,



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