The History of Velorution: A Timeline

The History of Velorution: A Timeline

In the dynamic landscape of urban cycling, few names have charted as compelling a journey as Velorution.

From its inception to becoming a beacon for cycling enthusiasts, Velorution's history is a testament to the brand's resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the cycling community.

Let’s delve into the illustrious timeline of Velorution, tracing its evolution from a fledgling bike shop to a pioneering force in the urban cycling movement.

The Beginning

Velorution was founded in December 2009 by Andrea Casalotti, with the first shop opening its doors on Great Titchfield Street.

The shop specialised in cargo and utility bikes, catering to a niche yet growing segment of urban cyclists looking for practical and stylish commuting options.

Despite its initial success, Velorution faced challenges that led to a temporary closure in May 2012, only to be acquired by Bike Republic with Jonathan Cole at the helm, marking the first of many pivots that would define the brand's journey.

Image Credit: Velorution

A Phase of Expansion and Recognition

2013 heralded a year of accolades as Velorution was shortlisted in the Best Retailer category of the London Cycling Campaign’s London Cycling Awards, a significant recognition among over 2,500 nominees. 

This nod to Velorution’s contribution to cycling underscored the brand’s growing influence in London’s urban cycling culture.

The year 2015 marked a pivotal moment with the opening of an urban cycling store within the prestigious Selfridges on Oxford Street. 

This expansion was a testament to Velorution's burgeoning popularity and showcased its ambition to blend luxury with cycling, evident from the exclusive €36,000 gold bicycle adorned with Swarovski stones at the store.

Image Credit: Velorution

Diversification and Community Engagement

Velorution's foray into publishing in 2016 with the launch of ‘Little Black Book of Bikes’ underscored its commitment to not just selling bikes but fostering a rich cycling culture. 

The same year, Velorution embraced the power of community through an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, further solidifying its bond with cycling enthusiasts and marking the acquisition of Islington’s Mosquito Bikes, expanding its footprint.

Innovation and Urban Lifestyle

The subsequent years saw Velorution doubling down on its urban lifestyle ethos, with the opening of stores focused on electric bikes and a return to Selfridges with a store-in-store concept that emphasized urban lifestyle, fashion, and cycling. 

The brand's expansion into London Fields and the introduction of Velorution Electric highlighted its commitment to innovation and the burgeoning e-bike market.

Trials, Tribulations, and a New Beginning

Despite facing unforeseen challenges, including two vehicle crashes into its Chelsea and Marylebone stores in 2023, Velorution's spirit remained unbroken. 

However, August 2023 brought the news of Velorution being put up for sale, leading to the closure of all brick-and-mortar shops and its online store in September. This moment could have marked the end, but instead, it opened a new chapter.

On 6 December 2023, Velorution embarked on a fresh journey, with Pete Reynolds, of One Percent Infinity Ltd, signing the papers to buy Velorution’s online properties, signaling a new era for the brand. This transition highlights Velorution's resilience and the enduring appeal of its vision, poised to continue influencing the urban cycling landscape.

Image Credit: Velorution

Reynolds is also co-founder and editor of the urban cycling lifestyle publication Discerning Cyclist.

Velorution's history is more than a timeline of events; it's a narrative of passion, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of a vision.

From its modest beginnings to facing adversities and embracing change, Velorution's journey is a reflection of the cycling community it serves - vibrant, resilient, and ever-evolving.

As Velorution gears up for its next chapter, its legacy serves as a beacon for the future of urban cycling, reminding us that every revolution begins with a single turn of the wheel.

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