Cowboy Gets Ready to Ride All-Terrains with New Cross E-bike

Cowboy Gets Ready to Ride All-Terrains with New Cross E-bike

Cowboy, known for its innovative e-bike designs, recently announced the launch of its latest model, the Cross.

The new addition is designed to cater to both urban commuters and outdoor adventurers, marking the company's first venture into all-terrain e-bikes.

The Cross aims to bridge the gap between the convenience of city travel and the exploration of rural landscapes, with features that promise versatility and enhanced rider experience.

Designed for the Urban Explorer and the Weekend Adventurer

Equipped with technology that smoothens the transition from paved roads to rough terrains, the Cross features an inverted front fork and seat post suspension.

This is complemented by a significant improvement in battery life, boasting a 50% increase in capacity, which translates to a range of up to 120 km on a single charge.

The bike also integrates a built-in rear rack and is designed to provide a smoother ride on large tires, catering to the practical needs of carrying items from weekday shopping to weekend getaway essentials.

A Step Towards Enhanced Connectivity and Rider Well-being

Highlighting the importance of connectivity and the well-being of both the rider and the bike, the Cross incorporates advanced software features.

This includes live challenges aimed at encouraging riders towards fitness and fun, as well as diagnostic tools for maintaining optimal bike performance.

Adrien Roose, Co-Founder and CEO of Cowboy, emphasized the bike's creation around the riders' needs for more adaptability and the desire to venture further.

He noted the Cross as a response to these evolving consumer preferences.



Safety, Intelligence, and Minimalist Design

In addition to its functional capabilities, the Cross is equipped with smart safety features, including anti-theft technology and diagnostic monitoring tools.

The design continues Cowboy's minimalist aesthetic, offering two frame designs and introducing three new metallic colors.

The integration of safety and smart features with a focus on design highlights Cowboy's approach to blending style with functionality.

Market Availability and Pricing

The Cross has been introduced at an early bird price of €3499, with the regular retail price set at €3999. Available from the launch date, the e-bike can be ordered through Cowboy's official website, brand stores, and selected retail partners.

This launch reflects Cowboy's vision for the future of urban mobility, aiming to position e-bikes as a mainstay in transportation amidst growing environmental and urban congestion concerns.

The introduction of the Cross by Cowboy not only expands the company's product lineup but also contributes to the growing e-bike market, which is predicted to surpass car sales in Europe by 2030.

This new model underscores the shift towards more sustainable and versatile modes of transportation, offering a glimpse into the future of urban and adventure cycling. 

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