Passoni Unveil Dragon-Inspired Bicycle and It’s Stunning

Passoni Unveil Dragon-Inspired Bicycle and It’s Stunning

The world-famous Italian bicycle manufacturer Passoni has announced a limited-edition bicycle to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Only 24 bicycles have been designed based on the Vinci model, initially crafted to celebrate Passoni's 30th anniversary.

The Dragon is in the Detail

This model is decorated with a dragon motif that pays homage to 19th-century Chinese artistry. The gold dragon detail wraps around the titanium frame and was hand-painted at Passoni’s Vimercate studio.

The frame's background contrasts with a luscious candy gloss red. This provides a deep translucent finish that showcases the carbo-titanium weave, Passoni’s hallmark blend of titanium threads within a carbon-fiber matrix.

This intricate design detail is visible through the paint on several parts of the bicycle, giving it the look and feel of a modern supercar.

Made to Measure

The head tube, down tube and chainstays are constructed from grade 9 titanium, produced by UK's Reynolds to Passoni’s precise specifications.

Each bicycle is tailored to the individual rider's measurements. 

The bikes also boast an engraved titanium badge on the seat tube featuring the dragon’s head, the ‘Year of the Dragon’ inscription in Chinese script, Passoni’s iconic Vitruvian Man logo, and a unique number marking its place in the collection of 24.

The Year of the Dragon bicycle has an advanced Campagnolo Super Record WRL wireless groupset, Bora Ultra C23 wheels, and Vittoria Corsa Pro tires. A bespoke Selle Italia Passoni saddle completes this all-Italian ensemble.

Italian Craftmanship Meets Chinese Art

"The Vinci model is the quintessence of titanium and carbon excellence. Embellishing it with this extraordinary design merges Italian artisanship with the essence of Chinese art, crafting an instant icon,” said Matteo Cassina, Passoni’s owner.

The Passoni Year of the Dragon bicycle is priced at €19,299 for the complete bike, while the frame kit is available for €11,999.

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