With a cycling modal share of 27% (it's even higher in cities), some 35,000km of segregated cycling routes and 23 million bikes for a population of 17 million, the Dutch certainly know how to 'do cycling'. In Groningen, Amsterdam and Nijmegen - on the fietsstraats and amongst the OV-fiets - there's one bicycle brand you'll never fail to spot - Royal Dutch Gazelle.

The brand, which proudly owns a Royal warrant, has been in business since the 1890s, growing hand-in-hand with the Dutch cycling boom and the bicycle's ever-expanding interconnectedness with daily life, society and culture.

Lately, Gazelle's attention has turned to electric bikes. Whilst that's not a revelation in itself (the first Gazelle electric bike was produced in the 1930s!) you'll be hard-pressed to find another bike brand that offers a better range of e-bikes for commuting and going about daily life in towns and cities.

Gazelle themselves say: "if you want to truly ride like the Dutch, ringing your bell, wearing your street clothes, transporting anything from groceries to kids and using e-power to make steep hills feel as flat as Holland, a Royal Dutch Gazelle is the bicycle for you." Couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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Three benefits of Gazelle Electric Bikes

Why would you choose a Gazelle over another bike brand? We can think of three good reasons.

The best Dutch bikes with electric zip

So numerous are bikes in the Netherlands that the country has given its nationality to a type of a bike. 'Dutch Bikes' are characterised by their comfort, robust build and feature-packed design - this DNA is present in every Gazelle bike.

A classic (non-electric) Gazelle Dutch bike.

Gazelle were the first bike manufacturer to use a front hub drum brake, and the first to use a simple 3-speed gripshift gearing system. Before the adoption of disc brakes, they utilised hydraulic rim brakes for consistent braking in all weather. They even apply four coats of paint to ensure their bikes look their best 365 days a year.

Throw in the assistance of a 21st-century electric motor and every Gazelle electric bike is a time-saving, health-boosting, money-in-your-back-pocket machine.

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Nothing rides like a Gazelle

Although buying a Gazelle electric bike is a big investment, you're more than likely going to ride it frequently, perhaps every day - maybe multiple times. Rightfully, Gazelle go through the hard yards to ensure every ride is as enjoyable as the last.

The frame geometry of each Gazelle bike has been carefully chosen not only to ensure people of different heights can find their perfect size but also to ensure the bike rides and performs as it should. That means consistent, reassuring steering - an important attribute when a daily ride might involve frequently taking one hand off the bars, or navigating busy thoroughfares - and a low centre of gravity to keep the bike stable at all speeds.

Although Gazelle does manufacture traditional diamond-shaped frames, their bestsellers are the step-through variety. They're a joy for everyone to ride, easy to get on and off and the upright riding position makes every ride comfortable as well as promoting 'eyes-up' cycling in busy towns and cities. Gazelle also use adjustable handlebars to help everybody find a natural riding position.

Packed with 'city friendly' features

Hub gears, a chainguard, skirt/coat guard, mudguards, lights, pannier rack, frame lock and kickstand - the list of Gazelle e-bike features goes on and on! This arms-length specification isn't something to impress your friends, just genuinely useful features that you'll rely on when riding daily.

Shimano's Nexus hub gear is used on both standard Gazelle bikes and Gazelle electric bikes.

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A simple model overview of Gazelle Electric Bikes

All told there are 13 members of the Gazelle electric bike model family. Although there are further variants within each model, this overview should help point you in the direction of the right Gazelle electric bike for you.

ModelDescriptionBest ForPrice
Gazelle AmiA safe and secure rideReturning riders searching for cycling confidenceFrom £2,299
Gazelle AvignonGazelle's most comfortable e-bikeThose looking for the newest thing from GazelleFrom £3,329-£3,999
Gazelle BloomSturdy family bikeFamilies with young childrenFrom £2,349-£2,649
Gazelle ChamonixVersatile e-bike powered by Shimano motorBike rides of every kindFrom £2,849-£3,149
Gazelle EasyflowA bike that's extremely easy to rideWhen a safe dismount is imperativeFrom £2,599
Gazelle GrenobleAnother versatile model, this time with BoschCyclists looking for a good-looking e-bikeFrom £2,549-£3,279
Gazelle Heavy Duty NLFor transporting gear in townLugging gear not peopleFrom £2,149-£2,549
Gazelle MakkiAn electric cargo bikeTaking older children places by bikeFrom £4,349
Gazelle MedeoBalances sport and comfortMedium to long-distance commutingFrom £2,399-£2,799
Gazelle Miss GraceUtility bike that's nice to rideA traditional looking 'Dutch Bike' with assistanceFrom £2,149
Gazelle OrangeComplete all-rounderWhen fast battery removal is on the agendaFrom £2,349-£2,549
Gazelle ParisBack to basicsA Gazelle electric bike on a budgetFrom £1,949-£2,199
Gazelle UltimateGazelle's most adaptable e-bikeExploring beyond the confines of the cityFrom £3,329-£3,829

Four of the best Gazelle Electric Bikes

Let's look at four of our favourite Gazelle e-bikes in more detail. Four bikes that demonstrate the Gazelle electric bike blueprint to a T.

Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB Limited

Rolling down the ramp first in our list of the best Gazelle electric bikes is the Avignon, a bike that was released in 2022. Step-through frame, comfortable to ride and plenty of bells and whistles - all the Gazelle design hallmarks are present and correct.

Note the way the Avignon's frame rises from the rear wheel axle to form an integrated pannier rack. This will keep belongings safe and secure but more importantly, won't impact the way the bike rides when carrying extra weight.

The Avignon has already won the renowned IF Design Award 2022. The jury praised how the concept of a comfort bike was translated into a sleek design. The frame certainly stands out. Rather than the traditional 'two triangles' design, the Avignon's frame continues to form an extra stable rear pannier system. Mik-compatible, pannier bags can be added with ease.

This version of the Avignon, the C380 HMB Limited, is the bee's knees. There's a Bosch Performance Line motor to power the bike up every hill, a clean and quiet Gates CDX belt drive rather than a traditional chain and an Enviolo stepless gearing system. Understand why Enviolo makes sense by reading our derailleur alternative journal.

RRP: £3,999

Gazelle Bloom C380 HMS SE

Next up on the list of our favourite Gazelle electric bikes is the Bloom - the C380 HMS SE variety to be precise. With the step-through frame and easily adjusted handlebar, the bike could quickly adapt to various family members. Someone could zip the children down to the nursery before another rider could pedal the short distance to work. The colour-matched mudguards, skirt guard and enclosed chain are great for busy towns and cities when rain brings waves of road spray.

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With not one, but two carriers, the Bloom can carry plenty. Plus, heavy loads won't be felt in the calves or the thighs with the electric motor!

All told the bike has a 170kg weight limit - plenty for an adult, two children and some other bits. The bike uses a Shimano Steps E6100 motor. That motor is powered by a 630Wh battery. Three main assisted riding modes are available: eco, normal and high. That combination means a maximum riding range of 160km in eco mode.

RRP: £2,999

Gazelle Chamonix C5 HMS

Nestled at the foot of Mont Blanc, the French commune of Chamonix is a mecca for lovers of the outdoors. Whether that's where Gazelle got their inspiration for their e-bike of the same name, we're not sure, but the bike is certainly for someone who adores exploring. The bike has a suspension seatpost, a suspension fork and wide tyres ensuring it is capable of tackling routes on the tarmac, hardpacked cycle routes or towpaths.

At the time of writing, we have stock of both the step-through version of the Chamonix (pictured) and the standard diamond-shaped frame.

That's not to say that the bike won't cut the mustard in town either. The Chamonix would be more than happy if put to work as a weekday workhorse. The low-maintenance Gates Belt Drive is the perfect antidote to noisy, greasy and quick-to-wear chains and the bike's Shimano motor and the integrated battery will offer assistance for up 135 miles in eco mode. Other features of note include onboard lights, a pannier rack, mudguards and a frame lock.

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Gazelle Makki Load

After reading our introduction to this article it shouldn't come as a great surprise to hear that the Dutch have embraced cargo bikes, and more recently electric cargo bikes.

A quick dabble on the keyboard and you'll quickly find cargo bike riders delivering mail, brewing up a coffee and even completing a piece to camera. Whilst Gazelle's electric cargo bike, the Makki Load, is a recent addition to their range, the manufacturer has long been producing bikes to take more than just one person from A to B.

Gazelle sweated the details with the Makki, spending time with cargo bike-owning families in Amsterdam and Eindhoven to develop something that suited the exact requirements of this type of bike and it shows.

The Gazelle Makki Load features a cutout step in the box to make it easy for children to clamber in and out.

The EPP carrier has a high rim to keep children safe and with recesses on both sides, it's easy for little legs to climb in and out. Little steps in the side also help matters and do away with the need for a hinged door. This is a feature that we've not seen on any other electric cargo bikes of this type.

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The Makki Load's electric system is all controlled from the Bosch Purion display on the bike's handlebar - it's discrete yet very easy to easy operate. The bike runs a Performance Line motor and 400Wh battery.

RRP: £4,199

Gazelle Electric Bike FAQs

How much do Gazelle electric bikes cost?

Gazelle electric bikes range from £1,800 up to around £4,400. Gazelle offer a variety of battery capacities to ensure their bikes are available at a variety of price points. Velorution offers finance and cycle to work schemes to help you spread the cost when buying a Gazelle electric bike.

Where are Gazelle electric bikes made?

Gazelle electric bikes are manufactured at their facility in Dieren, Eastern Netherlands. Around 300,000 bikes roll off the production line every year.

Do Gazelle electric bikes come with a warranty?

For peace of mind, every Gazelle bike (and those with non-suspension forks) is sold with a 10-year frame warranty. Suspension forks on Gazelle bikes have a 5-year warranty. Other bike parts have a standard 2-year warranty.

Are Gazelle electric bikes heavy?

As electric bike motor and battery technology progresses, electric bikes have become lighter and lighter. On average Gazelle electric bike weigh around 25kg, a sensible figure when compared to other electric bikes.

There you have it. A spotters guide to Gazelle electric bikes. All Gazelle bikes are available to order online and if you're in the vicinity of one of our four London shops, go and give one a test ride.