When it comes to repairing your bike, we have as much interest in maintaining new bikes as we do in the old ones. We relish the challenge of catering for all types of cyclist whether you’re an everyday commuter, a road racer, a weekend off-road adventurer, or a fixed-wheel fashionista. No job is too big or too small, and every repair is carried out to the highest possible standard. Please peruse our workshop price list, or alternatively swing by or call up to ask us a question; it costs nothing for us to look over your bike, and to let you know of any potential problems.

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Frame & forks wiped down, checked for damage and alignment  
Brake pads adjusted or replaced where necessary (plus cost of parts)  
Gears adjusted  
Tyres checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure  
Headset and Bottom Bracket checked for effective movement and adjusted  
Check for wear/damage to rim and hub  
Transmission & Wheelset Removed, Cleaned & Refitted (chainset, cassette, chain, wheels and both derailleurs)    
Both wheels trued and spokes retensioned    
All cables lubed and adjusted    
Bike completely stripped down, frame & forks cleaned, checked for damage and alignment      
Both hubs serviced with new bearings where necessary      
Headset and bottom bracket stripped and cleaned with new bearings where necessary      
*Pricing does not include parts


If you’re commuting daily by bike, it’s pretty safe to say that you’d like your bike to be as reliable as possible. Regular servicing and maintenance of said bike will save you no end of hassle in the long run, but most importantly, will provide you with a dependable steed which will make your commute just that bit smoother and more enjoyable. Even if you’re not a regular commuter, it’s still a good idea to make sure your bike is checked every once in a while for wear and tear. There are small measures you can undertake yourself to keep wear to a minimum, like making sure brake pads are replaced when they’re worn very low, and keeping your chain cleanish and lubricated.


While undertaking a service, we check and adjust everything necessary to keep your bike running smoothly. The level of service will depend primarily on the condition of your bike, although the ‘Standard’ service is usually sufficient. Some people like to keep their bike in absolute tip-top condition, so may choose to go for a higher spec service that includes replacing a whole bunch of parts, or even a complete strip down and re-build. We will always do our best to recommend the best service for you, especially if there’s a specific budget in mind. We don’t work on commission or anything like that here, so rest assured that we only have your best interest in mind.

Service Intervals

A daily commuter should really be expecting to get their bike serviced at least twice a year, with one of those services possibly including things like replacing the cassette and chain, or other wearing parts, like brake pads, cables and tyres. Occasional commuters should really get their bike checked at least once a year. Obviously, the amount of wear and abuse your bike will undergo will depend largely on the amount of miles you’re doing, as well as the state of the weather, or indeed, the time of year. You’re always more than welcome to swing by the shop at any time, just to ask us to cast our eye over your bike and when we think your bike might be due a service, or to check the condition of any parts.